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We sell and install Original exterior and interior Brick tiles and Stones for building decorations anywhere in Nigeria. Our services include stone cladding, bricks cladding, veneer stones and Burnt bricks decorations for both major property developers and home builders in Nigeria. All our red bricks products, brick tiles and stones come with premium Quality assurance and at the best prices in the market. We are a major source of popular brick tiles and stone types in Nigeria including South African Bricks and other red bricks and brick tiles like the eco bricks and Facing bricks. Our Natural stone products are also from the finest quarries.

Frequently asked questions

Farad Contractors Nigeria is a registered Brick tiles and stones company in Nigeria with other remote interests in floor tiles, marbles and granites.We make Nigerian building walls spectacular with our brick tiles and stone products. With a network of dedicated affiliates in many Nigerian cities, We sell and install our products anywhere in Nigeria.

Yes, we can receive payment through bank transfer and deliver your products to you anywhere in Nigeria. Any transaction with us will be through our corporate account, hence you are assured of dealing with a legitimate business and will definitely receive any product you pay for in good faith.

At any of our warehouse in Lagos or any of our partner's offices across Nigeria.

Farad Contractors Nigeria is a member of the FAUSTBON COMPANY LIMITED and subsequently registered with Corporate Affairs Commission RC99709.

We will deliver your products to you but you will take care of the transportation cost. In several cases, we offer free transportation as after sales courtesy but it usually depends on the type of our product you purchased and quantity. The cost of transportation is most of the time not expensive as we have transporters that enjoy repeat patronage from us, hence offer us affordable rates on your behalf.

We have standby installers who are good at what they do. They are individuals who have been installing stones and bricks for several years and therefore very proficient in the art.

NO because all our bricks and stones products are vitrified, the colors are worked inside the material during production process, therefore they withstand both exterior and ambient climate conditions.

We try as much as we can to deliver orders within 24 hours, while most orders reach the customer in 24 hours. Latest is 48 hours depending on your location. Northern Nigeria take the longest time to get delivered while we record same day delivery within major cities like Lagos and Portharcourt.

Yes always for brick tiles installation, because we need a level wall for the bricks to be clad, however the walls should only be rough plastered and not smooth. For stone installation, you can leave the areas for stones if the block work is level and straight. Otherwise, you need to also rough plaster the wall to get a level surface for the stones.

It depends on the square meters of job to be done, generally, a job of 50 square meter takes an average of 6 days to complete.

Cement and fine sharp sand. 1 bag of cement delivers 6 to 7 square meters of installation.





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For Wall Decorations

Best Brick Tiles for Wall Decorations in 2023

We will be showing you some of the best brick tiles used on both exterior and interior building walls in Nigeria in 2023. This listing is in no particular order and you are encouraged to view all the listing before making your choice. The black eco brick tile used on an exterior pillar of a commercial building in Southeast Nigeria. The eco brick tile is commonly referred to as eco bricks in Nigerian building materials market. It is sold for N6800 per square meter currently and measures about 7cm by 15cm. The eco brick tile white and black color used on exterior pillars of a residential building. The eco brick tile is an emerging porpular brick tile type used for both interior and exterior building wall decoration. Current price of eco bricks in 2023 is N6500 per square meter. This is cherry dot dark burnt brick tiles by Waterock Nigeria. It is one of the most desirable brick tile product currently in Nigeria for both interior and exterior building wa