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ledge stone
Ledge Stone

Natural stone has been a part of building construction since the beginning of time. Stone cladding is natural stones that has been quarried and cut into thin slices to reduce its weight. As it is gotten from Earth, it comes in different sizes and shapes.

 Stone cladding is a popular stone material used to decorate interior or exterior parts of residential or commercial houses to give the structure a natural elegance and sophisticated style. Some of the commonly used stones for cladding are marbles, granite, sandstone, synthetic or manufactured stone slices and slates. To achieve the real natural feel of stones, stone cladding should be done by a skilled professional.

Even though stone cladding lasts long, it should be noted that atimes, the color on natural stones can slightly wear off due to oxidation from the environment, this effect is very slight and minimal but can be entirely prevented sealing the stones to make is impervious to chemicals and moisture.
Stone cladding dates as far back as 19th century, stones used then were limestone, granite and marbles they were cut into thin slices and shaped to fit the right gaps and intents of the stone masons.

Types of Stone Cladding.
Country Rubble: is a rough-faced stone that is about 2-18 inch high and 4-18 inch in length. It comes in different natural stone colors that gives the effect of being in a European country side.

Ez Fit Stone: This is a manufactured or synthetic stone type that comes as individual stones panels with rough and determined face, it gives your building and pillars that rigid appeal for aesthetics.

Ledge stone: is ideal for both interior and exterior wall decor. It is a natural thin slices of stone that is perfect for fireplace decor, cladding, siding and chimneys for both homes and commercial buildings, it is 1-3 inches in thickness.

Cobble stone: The cobble stone is also a manufactured stone type with a veneer character of naturally rough and contoured face, it is most suitable to transform the building into an old Roman castle when used through out the building.

Mountain ledge: it's length ranges from 8,12 and 20 inches and height is 5 inches. It is squarely shaped with a modernized look, the texture can either be smooth or rough in various colours of black, dark brown, grey and sandy color.

Hooker stone: is an artificial stone produced in Australia. It is light in weight, flat-backed stone that is formed from natural stone in mold casts. It is mostly used externally and can weather any climatic conditions.

Stack stone: this is a stone type made from cut pieces of natural stone with a dry stack look which is responsible for it natural appeal. Mostly for exterior use in chimneys, around front doors and pillars. Stack stone can make a huge difference in simple buildings. It is 4 inches high and varies in length of 8, 12 and 20 inches which makes its an ideal use for a large wall area.

Advantages of stone cladding.
  1. Stone cladding is durable and can stand the test of time and weather conditions.
  2. Natural stones comes as sliced pieces of real stones while manufactured stones comes as thin veneer stones with various color choices to satisfy various design appeals.
  3. The aesthetic appeal of stone cladding and timeless beauty keeps one captivated for long period of time. One can never get tired of it.
  4. It is fire resistant.
  5. Its non non-absorbent quality protects the actual wall from moisture and its resultant effects.
  6. Stone cladding can be used in both interior and exterior wall surface of houses for various decorative purposes.
  7. Stone cladding is easy to maintain and reduces recurrent cost of house maintenance on painting and repainting of wall surfaces.