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Farad Contractors Nigeria®. We sell Original Marbles and Granites for building decorations here in Lagos. Our prices are unbeatable and we offer all colors at our warehouses in Lagos.In this page we present to you Some of our product demonstrations including floor granites, kitchen counter tops,stair cases and the rest. Feel free to contact us if you will like to make a purchase.
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Ivory goldStair flight

brick tiles for sale in Nigeria

Price: N8500 ☎ CALL to buy

Quality Marble Staircase delivered with Ivory Gold Marbles In Lagos Nigeria. Buy your quality marble products from any of our warehouse in Lagos at very good price.

Black GalaxyGranite Floor

granite for sale in Lagos

Price: N8000 ☎ CALL to buy

Black galaxy granite floors comes out gloriously black on your floors to give it dark sheen of glamour. Our black galaxy is premium with no abrasive color changes.

Black GalaxySlab

black galaxy slab in lagos

Price: N22000 ☎ CALL to buy

Black galaxy Marble slab for your various marble needs in Lagos Nigeria at a very good price. We sell to builders and developers at negotiable rates

Paradiso BashCounter top

Paradiso Bash kitchen countertop

Price: N20000 ☎ CALL to buy

Kitchen counter top with paradiso bash colored marble slab for that extra galmourous kitchen you deserve. Our slabs are great for ktiche counter tops and they comes out nice.

Cashmir WhiteStair Case

marble stair case in lagos

Price: N11500 ☎ CALL to buy

Marble stair case with cashmir white colored marble cuts. A white stair case has been here for a long time and can never go out of trends in building decors.

Chinese JupranaWall Clad

wall granite

Price: N8000 ☎ CALL to buy

Wall cladding with granite comes very close to perfection on beauty when done professionally to standard. Our installers are always standby to deliver your job.

Tiger SkinGranite Tiles

marble anf granite sales nigeria

Price: N8500 ☎ CALL to buy

Tiger skin granite is also a very porpular granite color for your floor decor solutions and various other home ideas. They are cut according to your specifications.

Chinese JupranaGranite Cuts

Chinese juprana granite cuts in Lagos

Price: N8000 ☎ CALL to buy

We cut granite slabs to your specification according to however you want it to be cut. Get all your granite needs met today at our Lagos warehouse and be sure to get the best.

Tan BrownSample Granite

tan brown brown granite

Price: N8000 ☎ CALL to buy

We have different sample colors of granite to help you make good buying decisions about your granite needs in Lagos. All our samples reflect exact color matches of the subsequent materials.

Paradiso BashStir flight

paradiso absh stir way

Price: N8000 ☎ CALL to buy

A step cladded with with paradiso bash colored marble material. There is absolutely no limit to what you can achieve with our products, with our professional installers always working it out for you.

Black galaxyGranite Tile

black galaxy granite tiles

Price: N8000 ☎ CALL to buy

Black galaxy granite with its characteristic glittering color is always a close call to many interior and exterior decor ideas. Can be used both on floor and walls.

Cashmir WhiteMarble Slab

cashmir white marble slabs in Lagos

Price: N24000 ☎ CALL to buy

Cashmir white marble slabs available for your marble slab utilization. Marble slabs can be used for a variety of use like stairways and kitchen counter tops.

Rosa BetaGranite Floor tile

Rosa beta granite flooring lagos

Price: N7500 ☎ CALL to buy

Rosa beta granite flooring for your interior and exterior marble flooring needs. Very easy to maintain and does not even stain easily. Get in contact with us today.

Chinese JupranaStairway

chinese juprana marble stairway

Price: N8000 ☎ CALL to buy

Chines juprana marble colored stairway for your interior decor ideas in Lagos Nigeria. Our products are very tailored to your specific needs including counter tops.

Tan BrownWall Granite

tan brown granite tiles

Price: N16000 ☎ CALL to buy

Tan brown granite tiles sit elegantly on the walls of this high end bathroom, which a clear depiction of the glamorous status of our granite and marbles.

Tan BrownMarble counter top

kitchen counter top

Price: N20000 ☎ CALL to buy

Tan brown marble used for kitchen counter top for your kitchen design ideas. Our page gives you valuable ideas of design inspirations for your home.

Imperial RedMarble Stairway

Imperial red granite stairway

Price: N10000 ☎ CALL to buy

Imperial red colored marble for your home stairway design ideas in Lagos. Imperial red gives your home that imperial glamour that should be the design goals of your interior decor appeal.

Black galaxyGranite Floor

black galaxy flooring in lagos

Price: N8000 ☎ CALL to buy

Black galaxy granite for floor decors. Black galaxy is always unique in its own appeal. Many interior decors and home owners go for black galaxy because if its large application.

Colonial GoldCounter Top

colonial gold counter top

Price: N25000 ☎ CALL to buy

Kitchen marble counter tops in Lagos Nigeria is available for your purchase. Get in touch with any of our agents to get the best of our products and service.

Chinese JupranaMarble Tiles

Chinese Juprana marble tiles

Price: N8000 ☎ CALL to buy

Chinese Juprana Marble tiles can be used to make your stair standout in style and glamour to make your interior decor dreams come true. Get in touch with us today.

Rosa BetaGranite Tiles

rosa beta granite floor tile

Price: N7500 ☎ CALL to buy

Granite floor tiles available. We sell and we have installers that install for you anywhere your site is located in Lagos Nigeria. Our products are of original quality

Rosa BetaMarble Stair case

rosa beta marble stair case

Price: N7500 ☎ CALL to buy

Marble staircase done with rosa beta colored marbles. The rosa beta marble is one of the most popular marble type in the market today. It is readily available here in Lagos.

Perlato CiciliaStair case

marble staircase in lagos

Price: N11500 ☎ CALL to buy

Staircase adorned with marble tile of perlato cicilia color. Our wide color varieties of marble tiles gives you maximum flexibility of choices to make.

Cashmir WhiteBathroom

cashmir white

Price: N11500 ☎ CALL to buy

You can have the most wonderful bathroom with marble and granite ideas from us here in Lagos Nigeria. Contact us today to get price negotiations about your bathroom projetcs.

Cashmir whiteGranite Tile

cashmir white floor tile

Price: N11500 ☎ CALL to buy

Cashmir white granite tiles mixed with some other black granite for contrast. Every unique combinations of granite tile is an opportunity for a new expression.

Tiger SkinMarble slab

tiger skin marble slab lagos

Price: N21500 ☎ CALL to buy

Quality Marble slabs available for sale today at the best prices. We have tiger skin and other original color types of your favorite slabs here in Lagos.

Tiger skinGranite sample

Tiger skin granite sample

Price: N8500 ☎ CALL to buy

Tiger skin granite sample is sold in per sq meter unit and cut according to the measurement you gave us to cut it. Buy directly from Lagos to safe cost.

Perlato ciciliaStaircase

perlato cicilia staircase

Price: N11500 ☎ CALL to buy

Perlato cicilia marble color looks very close to the beige color but with the usual glossy sheen associated with high quality marble stone. The color is available.

White SlandaMarble staircase

white slanda marble in lagos

Price: N12500 ☎ CALL to buy

Quality marbles tiles for sale in Lagos Nigeria. Our products stand out in terms of good pricing and very high quality from the direct source.

Perlato ciciliaMarble slab

perlato cicilia marble slab

Price: N21000 ☎ CALL to buy

Perlato cicilia marble slabs and other awesome slab colors are available today for purchase. You can send us samples of the type your need so we can match with our available colors.

Paradiso BashStair flight

paradiso bash marble stair flight

Price: N8000 ☎ CALL to buy

Paradiso Bash marble color can be used for a variety of home decor ideas like the stair, floor covering, marble counter tops and the result is always outstanding.

Rosa BetaStair Flight

Rosa Beta marble tile lagos

Price: N7500 ☎ CALL to buy

Marble stair flight done with rosa beta color. This color comes out superb when installed for stairs and it has been in use for many years in both interior and exterior decors.

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We are building Nigeria's largest collection of Marbles and granite gallery. We sell all types of marbles and granite for both both floor, kitchen wand walls decorations.

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