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Flyash bricks

Flyash bricks are well-improved masonry brick materials used for building, they contain flyash which is derived from gases produced by coal-fired electric power generation that is in a smooth glass-like form and water. Flyash brick is flattened by pressure at 28 megapascals and preserved for up to 24 hours to cure in a 66 Celsius water vapour and then made hard with an air bubble creation agent.

Flyash bricks are mainly used in building construction and other structural fabrications requiring bricks. Fire ash bricks contain superior materials to usual clay bricks therefore they can act as preferable substitutes for clay bricks in construction. Some veneer bricks like the south african bricks popular in South Africa and Nigeria are also made with flyash brick materials.

 Flyash bricks have very low pore density, this makes them less susceptible to acid and water damages and also makes salt less likely to appear on the bricks surfaces. Flyash brick is an ecosystem friendly brick product material because of the low energy consumed in all the processes of its manufacture. It requires little cement for mortar when it is used for building, they harden and strengthen with time therefore gets better with age ensuring stronger structural support. They have very low mass and density yet very high material strength.

In brief description, flyash bricks can be made by pouring a mixture of flyash, quarry dust,gypsum and hydrated lime in a mixing container, then mix thoroughly after adding appropriate water volume. The mixture is then transferred to a hydraulic brick molding machine to be molded to desired shapes and forms after which the molded bricks are left to air dry accordingly. This is only an idea of how you can achieve flyash bricks, please consult technical authorities for further knowledge.