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South African bricks in Nigeria sold by Farad Contractors, call us on 0806 287 3386. we sell and install at top notch deliveries anywhere in Nigeria, also at the dealers price for quantities exceeding 100 square meters. buy good quality south African bricks in Nigeria, complete carton and assured products from the main suppliers.

South African Brick Duet color  0806 287 3386

The South African bricks does not require any form of polishing to gloss it or any superficial sealant as the brick material has attractive sheen on its own without adding any extra polish on it. 

South African brick tiles are veneer burnt bricks made from the fry ash technology of brick manufacturing, then sliced into thin brick tiles and thereafter fired in large hot kilns or ovens. Many builders and home owners in Nigeria make use of the South African brick tiles for both interior and exterior wall decorations where the bricks are cladded on the wall with adhesive mortars to give buildings aesthetic look and feel. Each piece of South African brick tile measures 220mm in length by 70mm in width with a thickness of about 9mm.

South African Bricks Galaxy 0806 287 3386

South African bricks are sometimes referred to as burnt bricks, burnt red bricks or fired bricks here in Nigeria. This is because of it's burnt feel and appearance. The final colors of the south African bricks depend on the type of iron pigment additive added to the fly ash mixture during the bricks manufacturing process. The colors of South African bricks in Nigeria include Shiraz which is very dark coffee brown, merlot which is also dark brown, duet, burnt jasper, ivory, satin and the rest are all lighter shades of south African bricks.
Burnt jasper 0806 287 3386 
Many builders buy South African bricks in Nigeria usually because of the natural burnt feel it comes with and the resultant aesthetic look it yields on the building wall. This does not mean that using south African bricks is an automatic transfer of aesthetics on any building it is used on. You need to plan out the portions of the building where to lay the south African bricks for best effects or you can engage the services of Farad contractors Nigeria for this. We will look at your building to select the best color and type of South African bricks that will go best with it, we work anywhere in Nigeria including Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt, Benin and all parts of the country.

South African brick Mixed Color  0806 287 3386

Many factors determine the color and type of South African burnt bricks to use at different portions of your building and where to install the bricks, as a rule of thumb, the colors and shade of the bricks should agree with the shade of the roof and vice versa. Also bricks are best installed either on projections of the wall, depressions on the wall or both, it takes some expertise though to make the best selections of the portions of the wall to clad with the south African burnt bricks.

Rose Color  0806 287 3386


The price of South African bricks ranges from N6,200 per carton to N6,500 per carton where one carton gives one square meter of bricks when installed with a consistent gap of 12mm in between the bricks and each carton contains 50 to 52 pieces of individual brick tiles depending on how the company packages it from South African. The price of south African bricks given above does not include installation or transportation costs to your building site, brick installers in Lagos usually charge between N900 to N1,000 per square meter for brick installations or brick laying within Lagos per square meter.

South african brick Samples  0806 287 3386

Installation of the south African bricks on the building wall does not require any special adhesive or chemicals, all you need is cement mortar and fine sharp sand but some brick installers may demand that you buy tile gum to mix in the mortars to make the job easier for them. It is very important that you engage the services of a professional bricks company like Farad contactors when buying south African bricks in Nigeria to get the direct original quality and also to help you engage the best brick layers during the installation process.

Rose Color  0806 287 3386

South African bricks  is very durable with no noticeable color changes after installation on the wall, this is because the color pigments during the brick production process is worked into the mixture like vitrified tiles and they last almost forever, the south african bricks do not fall off the wall after installation, they are porous in material nature and absorb the mortar strongly, therefore they will not ever fall off the wall unless you engage unqualified installers during installation. They are not affected by harsh weather conditions, this is why they are also used outside and they are 100% maintenance free, reducing the cost of repainting of walls by almost 60% or more depending on the total areas cladded with the bricks.

Burnt Jasper  0806 287 3386

We deliver our brick products to your building site anywhere in Nigeria, including all parts of Lagos, Abuja, Porthacourt, Ibadan,Abeokuta, Oyo, Benin Shagamu and the rest. All you need is to call our number and we will deliver to you. Many Nigerian home builders prefer our trusted service and products because we source our South African bricks from the right original source. Our prices are also very builder friendly as we sell wholesale. Remember, our south african bricks is the main type and we sell with confidence from the direct source.

The South African bricks is light weight as it is made from the fly ash technology hence it will not be an added weight on your building.
The bricks is maintenance free and gets even better with time requiring no form of recurrent maintenance and saving you some building maintenance cost.

Mixed Color  0806 287 3386

While installing the South African bricks, the spacing lines between the bricks must be filled up with cement grout mix, this improves the mechanical strength of the brick work by bonding the whole faux brick work as a unit. The grout filling of the South African bricks also improves overall aesthetics of the brick work.

Rose color 0806 287 3386

The current price of rose colored south African bricks in Nigeria is N6500 per carton which gives exactly 1 square meter on the wall after installation with a consistent gap of 10mm in between the brick tiles. The final color of the south African brick on the wall depends on the colors used and the ratios of the color mix.

Dark Merlot color

The dark merlot color of south African bricks comes in darker coffee color and is sold for around N7000 per carton. it is very close in color to the shiraz color and both are usually used interchangeably.

Redwood Color

Redwood colored South African Bricks comes as near clay colored brick tiles made from the same materials like the rest of the south African Bricks, that is fly ash technology. The redwood color is closely related to the burnt jasper in color and it is usually not too available in the market, its price is N8000 - N8500 per carton, One carton is equivalent to one square meter. 

Shiraz Color

The shiraz colored south African bricks is about the darkest color of the south African bricks, it is currently not in stock and was sold for N7500. To get the same value of shiraz, buy the merlot color, they are very close in color.

Duet color

Duet color of the south African bricks is sold for N8000 per square meter, it does not have the burnt feel of the usual south African bricks products but has the golden yellow color. 

Autumn S A Bricks

Autumn colored south African brick tiles currently sells for N7000 per square meter which is the same as one carton and it comes out great on the wall, the autumn color is perfect pick for home builders who prefer the not so dark shades of the south African brick tiles. Unlike the merlot and Shiraz colors which are dark coffee brown in color, the autumn  color is lighter shade and contains 50 pieces in a carton.

Shiraz S A Bricks

The current price of shiraz south African bricks is N7500 per carton. Prices adjusted on January 2022 due to recent increase in cost of production, freight and logistics from South Africa to Nigeria.

A close shot at Shiraz

A close shot at Shiraz color of the south African brick tiles showing its characteristic dark coffee color. The dark shiraz color is now available at the price of N7500 per square meter.

Ivory Satin at Close range

The Ivory satin is shown here at close range. It is beige colored and comes with a deliberate dark batch on the surface that indicates it's burnt nature. Current price of the ivory satin is N7000 per square meter.

Ongoing installation
Installation of South African Bricks is done by our trained installers who are good in what they do.  Many varieties of designs are possible.

Different colors of grouting lines can be achieved in between individual brick spaces by mixing the grouting mix with different iron oxide mixes. A white pigment mix in the grouting will achieve white lines filling between the bricks and so on. Join The South African bricks discussion If you love the South African Bricks.

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