What initially started like a menial individual effort has today transformed to an established enterprise .
     My name is Francis Umenwanne,I am the Founder of FARAD CONTRACTORS NIGERIA, it is my pleasure to share with you how the tender steps we took yesterday eventually became today's giant strides. It has not always been this fantastic ,in the begining we moved from one building construction site to the other in the streets of Portharcourt Nigeria soliciting jobs from home builders, explaining to them what we do, how we do it and the benefits of decorating their buildings with STONES AND BRICKS.
    Those we were able to convince to engage our service ,we made sure to impress beyond their immediate expectations, and this was the little secret that worked wonders in our business "impressing the client beyond his immediate expectations".
    Like a chain reaction, those we worked for referred us to their friends, relations and colleagues hence the sales,resales and referrals kept pouring in till date .
   Today We get calls from virtually every corner of Nigeria and we move around every Nigerian city decorating Nigerian buildings with STONES AND BRICKS. We have not really accessed the greater part of the VISION we have for this venture ,but believe me we are in firm control of all our variables and the future is a promising one as we strive diligently to " IMPRESS THE CLIENT BEYOND HIS IMMEDIATE EXPECTATIONS"
  • Umenwanne Francis Onyeka

0806 287 3386