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cost of brick in Nigeria

Farad contractors Nigeria 0806 287 3386, we sell and install bricks and stones for building decorations anywhere in Nigeria.Anyone building a house in Nigeria would love to know the cost of brick in Nigeria market for his building, knowing this information about cost is the first step towards effective planning and successful project execution.

This topic will focus primarily on the cost of decorative bricks rather than that of structural bricks, decorative bricks are also called veneer bricks, slip bricks or facing bricks while some Nigerian builders prefer to call them brick tiles, these are thin brick slices that are used for building wall decorations and they are quite different from structural bricks for building. The following are the cost of brick in Nigeria and we will be giving you range of prices because prices may differ according to your specific location.

This is like almost one of the most sort after bricks in Nigeria today, imported from south Africa and offered in many color varieties, South African bricks are unique because of their burnt or toasted color character. South African bricks prices ranges between N6300 - N6500 per square meter depending on the color and location, one square meter is the amount of bricks that will cover an area on the wall of one meter length and one meter width and is equivalent to one carton of the bricks, each carton contains 50 to 52 pieces of bricks.

South African Brick Tiles burnt japser

Eco bricks is a very popular brick type here in Nigeria and it is proudly a Nigerian product with premium quality, eco bricks is much more affordable than the South African bricks,eco bricks sells for N5500 - N5800 per square meter depending on the dealer and location where one carton of the bricks gives you one square meter yield of the bricks on the wall.

Eco Brick Tiles

Antique bricks is also from same manufacturers of eco bricks here in Nigeria, antique brick is also a premium brick of very high quality and a wide choice for many home builders and decorators , the rough surface and rugged look of antique brick is also a cherished character about the brick, antique bricks is sold for N5500 - N5800 depending on the location in Nigeria and the bricks dealer you are dealing with.

Antique Brick Tiles

This brick is relatively not popular as such in the Nigerian building material market, American brick is imported from the United States of America and goes for N7800 - N9000 per sqaure meter depending on the color and location.

The eco split brick is another brick type sold in Nigeria which has a very close semblance to the eco brick in terms of surface character and smoothness, the only major difference is that the eco split brick has some designs on it that depicts some of the brick work coming out of the average surface of the rest of the bricks.

eco split brick
Eco split brick

Kotec brick tiles is a brick tile type sold here in Nigeria and it offers very close but different semblance to the South African brick tiles. Kotec brick tile is sold for N8000 per sq meter where one carton is equal to one square meter.

The old English brick tile is a recent entry into the Nigerian brick market, it is made here in Nigeria from clay material and fired under high temperature kilns to give a brick tile with burnt face appeal. The price of old English brick tile is N8500 per square meter which is same as one carton. Discount is available for bulk purchase of the product.

Old English Bricks

The south african bricks also comes in the redwood color option which has this clay colored look associated with it. The redwood colored south african bricks sells for N8000 per carton which is also equal to one square meter of the bricks on the wall. 

Redwood S A Bricks

The shiraz colored south african bricks is dark chocolate in color. Comes 50 pieces in a color and sells for N7000 per carton which equals one square meter of the bricks.

Shiraz SA Bricks.

Autumn colored south African brick tile is one of the light shades of south african bricks, it comes lighter in shade than the merlot and shiraz colors which are dark chocolate in color. Autumn is sold for N7000 per square meter which is same as one carton.
Autumn S A Bricks

The rose colored south African brick is a light red burnt brick tile type that is suitable for indoor and outdoor wall decor, including pillar design. The price is usually about N7500 per square meter currently. The rose color comes unique in its own spec and is available for bulk purchase.
South African Bricks Rose

If the cost of the brick type of your choice is not mentioned here, you can contact us with our contact on this page to get direct information of the brick in question, just send us the picture and get any information about the brick type, we are about one of the best source of information here in Nigeria about anything on bricks. 0806 287 3386