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Eco bricks installed on a building wall
Buy eco bricks from us at farad contractors Nigeria ,our prices are at dealers' price, all colors are available and at any quantity you need. Buying eco bricks directly from us is a huge privilege to get our bricks at the manufacturers price because you are not purchasing from the middle men.
 Eco bricks is one of the numerous veneer bricks available here in Nigeria for both exterior and interior wall decoration of buildings. it is produced locally here in Nigeria with world class standards and best practices.
 The bricks is made from fine aggregates of sand ,cement mixtures with permanent pigment mixed within the concrete mix and also some other chemicals with adds to its strength and durability. Eco bricks is presented as a very smooth brick type as a result of the market demand for some brick type that differs from the usual coarse texture of normal bricks. Due to its smooth surface, you will understand why eco bricks is highly unresponsive to stains and smears making it a good choice of bricks for both interior and exterior wall decorations.
Each carton of eco bricks comes in fine machine packed 54 slices of bricks and each carton of eco bricks approximates to exactly one square meter of bricks, because of its tightly packed configuration, eco bricks usually suffers minimal damage during transportation to job site, The fractions of bricks that gets broken are eventually used for the cut pieces that still goes into the job.

All that is needed to install eco bricks on the wall is cement mortar which acts as the adhesive for the bricks, some people usually like to add other adhesive components to the mortar but we do not promulgate that idea as cement mortar has not failed in its job as a good adhesive for the Eco bricks on the wall. The grouting ,that is filling the spaces between individual bricks is also achieved with cement mortar mix but dark pigments may be added to the grouting mix to accentuate contrast between the eco bricks and its fine lines.

Eco bricks comes in 6 colors of red,orange,grey,black,dark brown and beige or light brown. These individual colors can be used singly or in multi combinations to achieve any design pattern that the home owner may have in mind, there are no limits to how you can decorate your walls with eco bricks, while some of our clients love it in single presentation, others prefer multi colored design of the bricks on the wall.everything depends on however you want it and the advice you get from us at Farad contractors Nigeria.

Beige, orange, brown, black and grey Mix

The mixture above contains the beige, orange, brown, black and grey color mix. The final appearance of the mix of eco bricks above depends entirely on the ratios of each individual colors used in the job. The price of this mix of eco brick tile is N5800 per carton which is same as one square meter on the wall.

Black and Ash Mix of Eco Bricks

The eco bricks can be mixed according to how you want the final color to appear. This job was done with only the black and ash color of the eco bricks with white grouting lines in-between the bricks. Price is N5800 per square meter