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south african bricks

Buy south African bricks in Nigeria from us at Farad contractors 0806 287 3386, we sell at dealer's price and all our bricks are durable for both interior and exterior decors.They are very stable under the most harsh environmental conditions, none of our clients ever complained of any noticeable color changes on their brick works, a trial is worth it.

South African bricks is one of the available choices of bricks for wall decorations, it is directly made and imported from South African into Nigeria by major dealers like Farad Contractors Nigeria, many Nigerian home builders love south African bricks for its unique fired or burnt color character which is achieved by baking the bricks in a kiln during production. Available colors are duet, shiraz, ivory, jasper, burnt jasper, merlot and it comes in either 50 pieces or 52 pieces per carton packing.

South African bricks is sold in per square meter units where one square meter is equivalent to one carton of the bricks and goes for N7500 - N8000 per carton depending on the color type and you can get major discounts when buying in Bulk. Made from the fly ash technology. the bricks is very durable as it is thoroughly fired to the desired quality and state, no color fade feedback has ever been reported about the south African bricks from any of our clients.

Wherever you are in Nigeria, be rest assured that we have the best South African bricks for you and at a very discounted rate to encourage you, Farad contractors Nigeria ,we sell bricks and stones for wall decorations.