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Where to buy bricks and stones in portharcourt
Farad contractors Nigeria, we sell, supply, deliver and install all types of bricks and stones anywhere in portharcourt call 0806 287 3386. our company is one of the oldest bricks and stones dealers in portharcourt and our principal operational warehouse is located at emekuku street Dline.

Established in 2010 and registered as a bricks and stones company in Nigeria, Farad contractors has been selling bricks and stones to builders and home owners in portharcourt and all places in Rivers state, our jobs are always standing out at every building we deliver our stones and bricks.

We offer a very competitive pricing for all our products in order to encourage bulk purchase of our products, our service also include free transportation to job sites within portharcourt for qualifying product quantities. Some of our bricks products are eco bricks and antique bricks, while our stones include ledge stones, cobble stones, ez fit, castle stones and vintage stones.

Our products are premium brand with maximum assurance and quality. They are inert to varied weather conditions, therefore our bricks and stones are all suitable for both interior and exterior use with same high class performance. Whatever you wish to achieve, be rest assured that we offer what will serve you, the various colors and shapes of our bricks and stones grant maximum flexibility for your styling needs. 

We currently offer promotion incentives of flat pricing offers for purchases above 150 sq meters, this is the first of its kind and an offer you cannot resist as a bricks and stone buyer. so when next you look for where to buy bricks and stones in portharcourt, talk to us at Farad contractors Nigeria. your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Ez fit stones 

Ez fit stone sells for N6900 per square meter where one square meter is 2 cartons, it comes in three different colors of beige, black and chalk white.

Cobble Stones

Cobble stones are amongst the very first manufactured stone brand that entered the Nigerian construction sector. It is very artistic and came in six colors for unlimited choice of mix. The final color on the wall depends on the color ratios selected. Price of Cobble stone is N6400 per square meter which is equivalent to two cartons.

Ez fit Chalk white 

Chalk white ez fit stone is the other color of the ez fit stone tile. The chalk white ez fit stone is also used for both exterior and interior wall decoration projects. Current price of the chalk white ez fit stone is N7500 per square meter. Discount is available at bulk purchase.