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Antique bricks on a wall

Farad contractors Nigeria 0806 287 3386 ,we decorate buildings with bricks and stones anywhere in Nigeria, our products are of very high quality and they stand the test of time itself. Cultured veneer bricks are light weight decorative bricks made from concrete base, they have the primary advantage of having lighter weight compared to their structural clay bricks counterpart and like any other brick type, they withstand harsh climatic changes without noticeable change in their color and strength properties over time.

This post will focus on the manufacturing process of veneer bricks or more explicitly cultured veneer bricks. The materials you need to produce the veneer bricks are as follows..
Aggregate sand
Face pigment (optional)
Concrete mixer
While it is necessary, the face pigment is not a compulsory requirement for making the veneer bricks, and you need to make sure everything is ready and standby before starting. Firstly, measure out the cement and sand aggregate in the ratio of your choice, though you need to make sure the mix has enough aggregate sand and is coarse, pour this mix into the concrete mixer and add water to get a marshy mix, add your iron oxide pigment of the desired color then start the concrete mixer to mix, the goal is to get to that stage where you can feel the mix as marshy and coarse so it can settle properly in a mold.

When the mixture is to the right coarseness, then pour the mix into the mold to fill up the mold, leaving out small space up to allow for expansion if the need arise, then you need to vibrate the mold with the mixture, this removes any internal air bubbles in the mix and allows the pasty pulp to settle at the base of the mold, this pulp layer will eventually become the face of the veneer brick when the mix cures. If you are using the face pigment , you need to rub it on the mold base before pouring the mix into the mold,this will stamp the face color unto the face of the veneer bricks. After vibration, you need to allow the vibrated mix to cure in the mold for 2 days, some prefer 24 hours curing according to their business need, we allow 2 days. Remember, it is preferable to allow the mix cure in a no direct sunlight area, some normally cover their mix to cure, which is also a good practice.

After the curing of the mix, the veneer bricks is carefully removed from the mold and is ready for use and installation on the wall , this should be handled by professional bricks installers to avoid waste and damage to the veneer bricks. The color of veneer bricks and its face color depends on the pigment color used in the mix and the face color while the color tone depends on the quantity of pigment added to the mix. The mechanical strength of the finished veneer bricks is a function of the sand aggregate and the cement ratios, the aggregate acts as reinforcement stones in the structure of the bricks material.
This was a sketchy instruction, For further questions about how cultured bricks are made or installation of veneer bricks, reach out to us, our contact is at the base of this page. we are Farad Contractors Nigeria, we decorate buildings with stones and bricks.