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South African bricks in Nigeria
  Installation of bricks on the wall is a topic that most wall decorators seek and yearn for and we as a company would love to discuss bricks installation on the wall today. Most floor tilers in Nigeria have tried to delve into wall bricks installation to maximize their service delivery and hence earn more income but regrettably many of them end up messing up the bricks due to limited or zero knowledge about the installation process of  decorative bricks. Bricks installation is actually a technical issue rather than a menial art therefore our installation modules for our field installers has been designed to train and retrain  each installer on new discoveries and methods on bricks installation.

This instruction is basically focused on veneer bricks or decorative slip bricks for walls and not for structural bricks. Before starting the installation process , the walls unto which the bricks are to be installed must be ready to receive the bricks and bond perfectly with the bricks, make sure all wall coatings like paints and screenings are scraped off the wall to expose the concrete layer of the wall, another option is to punch the wall to expose closely spaced dots on the wall, this is the wall preparation stage.

After the wall preparation stage, then the bricks are ready to be installed on the wall, you only need cement mortar, that is a mixture of cement, sand and water for the installation, some people talk of adding tile gums to the mix, but you have to be sure of what you are actually adding to the mortar to avoid ending up corrupting the bonding integrity of the mortar. You want to make sure that the mortar cement mix is actually pasty with enough cement in the mix and water, not coarse where you have more sands in percentage mix.

When your wall and mortar are ready, then the installation should start, veneer bricks are installed from the base to up, also known as the bottom up installation approach,with a trowel, scoop some mortar at the back of the bricks and paste the bricks on the wall, then do same for the next neighboring bricks keeping an index finger spacing between one brick and its neighbor, after completing one unit line, you may notice that there are spaces remaining which are not up to whole brick spaces, you need to cut appropriate brick pieces to those spaces making sure you maintain same horizontal and vertical spacings. Then you stack the next unit line on the previous completed line making sure the horizontal spacing between the previous line and the new one is uniformly spaced at 0.5inch to 0.8 inch depending on how you want it. Each brick line is a perfect horizontal on the wall achieved with a spirit plum to ensure a straight non slanted line of bricks. This same procedure should continue where you stack one brick horizontal line on the next till you complete the whole wall.

After completing the installation of the bricks on the wall, then the line spacing both horizontal and vertical should be filled with special cement mortar, this is otherwise called grouting and should be done skillfully to avoid staining the bricks with the mortars, some people love to add pigments to the grouting mix to introduce contrast between the grout line and the bricks while others love the natural feel of the cement grout alone without pigments. It all depends on your preference for your own job.

After grouting, then the job is complete where you can then clean the bricks as a final touch ,this should be done when the grouting lines are set, it is very important to make sure that any installer that wants to handle your job has requisite experience in bricks installation to avoid damaging the bricks and incurring additional costs for you the client. For further information on what we can do for you, do not hesitate to talk to us at Farad contractors Nigeria, our number is at the base of this page , we decorate buildings with bricks and stones .