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Cobble stones in Nigeria

Buy cobble stones in Nigeria from us at Farad contractors 0806 287 3386, we have all colors in stock at dealer's price. Our stones are of premium quality straight from the factory and thoroughly hand crafted. our warehouse locations are Lagos, Portharcourt, Abuja, Kano and we deliver anywhere in Nigeria.

Cobble stones with its unique rugged character will always be a premium choice for home owners who needs some veneer stone materials for stone wall decorations. Made from the finest selection of aggregates stones and pigmented concrete mix, cobble stone is carefully vibrated during factory production to remove trapped in air bubbles, hence ensuring a very strong finished veneer product at completion. The pigments are also thoroughly worked into the stone mix to produce a durable stone material that stands the test of time with no noticeable color fade. The stone goes for N6000 to N8000 per square meters without installation or transportation charges and can be discounted depending on the total square meters ordered.

One outstanding quality of cobble stone remains its ability to adapt aesthetically to any design form of the building its meant to be used on, be it curved pillars or straight walls, the cobble stone has its own way of fitting in perfectly to any form type. The rugged nature of the cobble stone is also a cherished property of this awesome stone type, its surface is roughened during production in a seductive pattern making it the stone choice for the naturally artistic client class.

The maximum flexibility of the cobble stone comes in its wide color choices , it comes in the red, orange, grey, black, brown and beige color choices and each of these colors can be used either singly or in any desired combinations to achieve specific aesthetic patterns on the wall. Many of the clients we serve here in Nigeria tend to use the cobble stone in a color combo pattern as they prefer the controlled glamour of the multi color mixes.

Buying cobble stones never yielded any material loss to any client,unlike other stone and brick types, the broken bits of cobble stones during transit to job site are usually used in the cutting stage of the stone installation which saves the client considerable amount of resource. Therefore, buying cobble stones has never been a hasty choice for any home builder as every experience of the stone is worth it.

The colors can be mixed according to how you want the finished job to come out. Cobble stone comes in a total of six colors and you have maximum flexibility in choosing the colors you need.