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Where to buy bricks in Nigeria

  Farad Contractors Nigeria,the place to buy bricks in Nigeria for your wall decorations, we also install bricks anywhere in Nigeria, our location is lagos, and portharcourt  all our bricks comes with after sales assurance due to their very high quality standard. There are different types of bricks available in our offering and they all come with their individual types, colors and prices they include the following.

South African Bricks Autum

This brick type is made by the fly ash technology, like the red clay bricks, they are fired or baked in the kiln to the right texture, character and form. The bricks are imported from south Africa to here in Nigeria and they come in numerous colors like shiraz, merlot, duet, ivory, ivory stain and galaxy.
Price is N7500 per carton where one carton is one sq meter. locate us at Oduade market orile coker or call the number at the bottom of this page.

South African Bricks Rose

South African Bricks Merlot

South African Bricks Merlot

Eco bricks is a very fine and affordable bricks type made from the cultured veneer technology, it is initially imported from America before the company here in Nigeria began producing it in Enugu Nigeria. eco bricks comes as a smooth velvety brick type that serves the other end of client base who does not like the rough brick character type. price is N6000 for one carton and one square meter is exactly one carton. address is 52 emekuku street D line porthacrourt Nigeria, call the number at the end of this page.

Eco Bricks in White and Black

Antique bricks comes in its characteristic rough surface that is also porous to water making it a very strongly bonded bricks when installed on the wall. Made here in Nigeria high quality standard ,antique bricks comes in 6 colors of red, orange, black, grey, beige and brown. price is also N6000 per square meter whereby and location to buy the antique bricks is still no 52 emekuku Dline porthacourt also call the number at the bottom of the page.

Antique Bricks Mixed

Kotec bricks is a brick tile imported here in Nigeria by a Nigerian company, it offers an impervious brick surface type that duffers convincingly with the usual porous characteristics of known bricks here in Nigeria, the advantage of this is that the bricks will be unresponsive to cement stains and smears while a major disadvantage is that the bond strength between the bricks and bonding mortar will not be as high hence making the bricks susceptible to falls. kotec bricks goes for N8000 - N8500 per square meters. Other available bricks are kotek bricks, clay bricks ,red bricks and the baked bricks at our various address around lagos, portharocourt, abuja and in numerous cities in NIGERIA.

Ivory satin/ kalahari

The rose colored south African brick tiles comes as burnt coffee colored south African brick tile type with its own unique characteristic brick glow. It sells for N7000 per carton which contains 50 pieces of brick tiles and will yield one square meter on the wall. Farad contractors Nigeria is the place to buy quality bricks for building wall decorations here in Nigeria.

South African Bricks Rose

The south african bricks shiraz was the very f
irst dark  colored South African Bricks that came into the market. But currently, the shiraz color is not available in the market. The price was N7000 per sq meter.

South African Bricks Shiraz

The duet south African bricks comes as a golden yellow colored bricks that is suitable for both exterior walls and interior wall decorations. The price of duet south African bricks is N8000 per carton which is a square meter.

Duet Bricks

The autumn colored south African brick tiles comes in light coffee shade of brown color. It is not dark coffee colored like other south African bricks namely merlot or the shiraz color and it sells for N7000 per carton. Where one carton will cover one square meter of brick work on the wall.
Autumn color

The shiraz colored south African brick is the darkest color of the south African brick tile available in the Nigerian market. It was also amongst the very first colors that were introduced to home builders. Current price of shiraz is N7500 per square meter of the bricks which contains 50 pieces in one carton.

Shiraz bricks

A closer look at the shiraz color shows its dark coffee color character. It is the darkest color of the south African bricks. And currently sells for N7500 per square meter which is equal to 1 carton of the bricks. The shiraz is one of the most sought after south African brick tiles in Nigeria.

Shiraz Bricks

Get in contact with us today for exclusive brick samples and prices of various brick tiles for your building wall decorations. We offer premium quality bricks in Nigeria.