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Stone cladding in Nigeria

 We are Farad contractors Nigeria , we decorate buildings with stones and bricks, here we will be telling you all you need to know about the art of stone cladding and how to achieve this on your building in the right way so as not to spend too much and yet get the best.


Stone cladding simply means the art of cladding or covering the walls of a building with stones which may be both natural or manufactured stones like cobble stones , ledge stones or ez fit panel stones,the choice of stone material used for stone cladding depends entirely on many factors including cost, the design in view for the building, the design image in the mind of the home owner, color of paint ,color of roof and also the choice of preferred stones by the home owner.


The very first step during stone cladding is deciding on the type of stone material to be used for the job, where by you and the stone cladding company like Farad contractors Nigeria peruse different types of stone options and their aesthetic effects ,after agreeing on the type of stones to use, the next step is to get the price per square meter of the particular type of chosen stone material after which you then decide on the portions of your building both interior and exterior where you need the stones to be used. It is also very important to note that, your choice on the portions of the building you need to clad with stones may not always be the best options because we may look at it and then advice you on professional basis about the best fit for the building, every building has its own unique style type that will come out nicest for it, just like tunning in to a radio station, there is always the exact location that will give the clearest reception.

The very fact that you love a stone type so much should not stimulate you as the home owner to use it extravagantly on your building walls, there is always the best patch style , the rule of stone cladding is to make sure that the contrast between the painted walls and the walls with stones is always preserved uniformly, hence you cannot have all the stones to one side of the building, this is known as skewed balance. Above all , you need the service of a professional stone cladding company like Farad contractors Nigeria to get the best of professional advice on the best portions of your building to cover with stones.

After knowing the portions for the stones, then you need to have an idea of the cost implication of the whole stone cladding job. This is where the installer will now measure out the square meter area of those portions for the stones, then multiply with the cost per square meter for that particular stone type which will give you the total cost for the job. At this stage , you now need to compare the total cost of the job with your budget for the job, if the two does not fall within range of each other, then we need to re access the selected portions for the stones and technically minimize it so as not to defeat the aesthetic aim of the job, but if the total cost for the stone cladding job falls within your budget range, then we go ahead with payments and mobilization of both materials and the installers to site for the project.

Stone cladding installation, which means sticking the stones to the walls is done by making use of an adhesive substance usually cement mortar on the back of the stones to hold them permanently on the wall then also filling the spaces between individual stones with grouting mortars. Some people also like the stones to be polished after installation ,this involves spreading a glossy liquid polish over the stones to produce a glossy film effect over the stones while many others love the natural appearnace of the cladded stones on the walls without glossy feel, either way you want it , we are always here to give you the very best of stones, talk to us today.


Ez Fit Black Color:
The black colored ez fit stone is one of the colors of ez fit stone used in both exterior and interior stone cladding of building walls. It has a unique dark shade that is not entirely black in color but mixes some patches of dark brown on the stones