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Cobble stone on an interior wall

The cobble stone is basically the oldest type of manufactured stone ever known man ,dating back to as old as the Roman Empire, only matched in antiquity by the flag stone. The cobble stone has sold more than any other manufactured STONE due to wide acceptability by builders and developers.
Many of the modern manufactured stone specs like the vintage stone are actually a mimic of the cobble stone in terms of character and rustic look, but no stones has ever matched the rustic character of the cobble stones.

Offered in six color options of red, orange, grey, black,brown and beige the cobble stone grants home builders and decorators maximum flexibility in designs possibilities where you can combine the stones in colors to get different unique patterns according to how your ideas inspire you.

Installation of cobble stones is not as difficult as the other stones because the cobble stones does not require a perfect uniformed alignment pattern unlike bricks, it is actually a deliberate scatter pattern where most if not all of the broken stone bits still finds their way into the job hence saving the client some costs and materials.

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