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vintage stone for sale in NIgeria

 Farad contractors Nigeria, we have vintage stones for sale at our locations all over Nigeria at affordable price 0806 287 3386. We have all colors in stock and at any quantity.
 Vintage stone is one of the numerous manufactured stone types available here in Nigeria for property developers and home builders to use in both exterior and interior building wall decorations. It is made from a carefully selected mixtures for sand aggregates, permanent concrete pigments and Portland cement. Needless to say that the awesome aesthetics offered by the vintage stone makes it a cherished choice product to choose from when buying decorative stones for wall decors.

Vintage stone comes as varied square sizes of veneer stone pieces that fits perfectly together on the wall to give a look of a single unit patch on the wall. The front of a single stone piece of vintage stone has its characteristic non uniformed look with decorative contours on it while the back is always very rough to ensure maximum grip on the wall when during and after installation. The stone is not very heavy, it is lighter than natural stones because it is a manufactured stone type.

The cost of vintage stone is very much affordable to the average Nigerian home builder, it is usually sold in per square meter units where the price of one square meter is N6000 - N7500 without installation charges and depending on your location. Price can also appreciably reduce on bulk purchase because of discounts from dealers. You can call any of our office to get a quote for your vintage stone, we also sell and deliver directly to site at your cost.

Just like many other manufactured stone types available here in Nigeria, the vintage stone comes in the regular six color offers of red, orange, grey, black, beige and brown. Each of these colors are unique choices where the client has maximum flexibility, you can either choose to buy a single color choice only or buy a combination of any colors, the possibilities are endless.

Technically, the vintage stone is carefully crafted to withstand the harsh climatic condition of Nigeria, many speculations arise as to whether the vintage stone will retain its colors under these harsh environmental conditions but these speculations have long been debunked as clients finally realized with repeated use that the vintage stone is a very durable stone type to be used for all exterior and interior wall decoration jobs with stones.

Buy your original vintage stones from us at Farad contractors Nigeria, you then can be assured of buying the real vintage stone.