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Pillar Tiles Design in Nigeria

Pillar designs in Nigeria comes on numerous types, in thus post we will be considering Pillar design with various stone tiles.
The beige colored Ez fit stone tile used on the exterior two big pillars of a building. The ez fit stone is widely appreciated for its ruggedity and form, therefore is it usually used for pillar designs.

Marble and granite tile offcuts used on the major front pillars of a duplex, These stone types are derived from left over granite and marble tiles that are preped with harmers, then installed individually on the wall to achieve a masterpiece.

A pillar design done with the ledge stone tile. Ledge stone tiles are manufactured bits of stone tiles in different colors that are installed individually on the wall to make a whole masterpiece. The final color of the finished job with ledge stone tile depends on individual colors of the stones selected.

Pillar tiles designed with the good old wall cobble stones in beige color mix. The cobble stone is an very artistic stone tile type as can be seen from this picture. On very outstanding feature of this project is the size of these front pillars of the house. The stone tiles also did an excellent job in accenting the beauty of this edifice.

Another pillar design done with the beautiful ledge stone tiles, but this time around the beige color of ledge stones are used with some minute colors of other mix. This project stands out in class and style because of the careful color selections.

The vintage veneer stone in multiple color mix is used here on the corner pillars of this massive residential building. The vintage stone is usually used on level wall surfaces but also comes out very superb on pillars as can be seen from this great project.

One great outstanding feature of this pillar is the interplay of white pillar capping designs and the granite offcuts stonework on the wall of the building. If you need a contemporary pillar design idea for your building, this project will be a great inspiration for you.

This style of front pillars became porpular as at 2007 in the Nigerian building industry. It involves the use of two massive front pillars situated in the very front of the building. Here the pillars are decorated with the Ez fit stones beige color. Contact us if you need any of the pillars stones on this page.

Gate pillar design with black colored cobble stones mixed with minute colors of beige and chalky cobble stones. The use of manufactured cobble stones for gate pillar design is not so porpular like the other stone types, but the outcome is usually a masterpiece.

Rustic veneer vintage stones used on entrance pillar wall of a home. This job is simply superb on its own coupled with the color combination of the stones and how they align with the rest of the colors on the building. These vintage stones are slightly different from the ones available in Nigeria but they are simply gorgeous.