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Pillar Design With Bricks in Nigeria

Pillar design with bricks in Nigeria featuring various types of brick tiles and their final rednering on various pillars.
Pillar design can come in many different forms. In this post, we will be showing numerous pillar design ideas with various brick tiles available for sale at our warehouse. The picture above shows the antique brick tiles used to clad big front pillars of a residential building.

Eco bricks beige color with some minutes color mix of orange, black and brown were used here on the front pillars of this duplex. Eco bricks is a new type of brick tile in the Nigerian tile market with some smooth faced character that comes with it. The brick brick will give your pillars some calm appearance due to its texture.

Another wonderful pillar work with eco bricks and vintage stones are the base of the pillar. Using a combination of bricks on the pillar and stones at the base of the pillar has been a porpular practice amongst home builders in Nigeria for years.

These two front house pillars were designed with the kotec brick tiles. One outstanding feature of this project is the fact that the brick tile work flowed from the pillars to the base of the building then right to the building wall which complements the pillars.

Lets take a look at this beautiful Shiraz colored south African bricks used on this nice looking frontage pillars of a house. The dark shade of this brick tile makes this project a memorable sight to behold. Other colors of the south African bricks are also available but this irresistible color is simply gorgeous on its own.

Another merlot colored south african bricks used on the exterior big pillars of a residential building. A close look at this project shows how much care was put into the planning of this project in terms of location of the bricks and the color of the bricks used on the pillars.

Chalky and grey colored eco bricks used on all pillars of a residential building in South east Nigeria. This job is simply captivating and comes out as one of the best we have featured so far. The color combination of the bricks is a major factor that made this job stand out.