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Gate Pillar Designs With Stones and Bricks in Nigeria.

This post will be showing you some beautiful gate pillars designed with stones and bricks in Nigeria. All products shown in this post are available for purchase if you need something for your gate pillar decorations.

Vintage stone tile used on the gate pillars and walls of an entrance. The stoned are uniformly shaped veneer stones that comes in different colors, where the final color of each project depends on the individual colors selected.

Take a look at this gorgeous gate pillar decoration with this awesome stone cladding product. This stone looks very much like the black colored Ez fit stone but it is much darker than the shade of Ex fit stone We have available. Making use of quality stone tiles for gate pillar decoration will always be a classy design idea.

Gate pillar designed with ivory colored south african bricks. The ivory colored south african bricks is usually used on both exterior and interior building walls, but this project made use of it for this beautiful gate pillar decor. The brick comes are beige colored brick tiles with some facial burnt characters.

Beautiful gate pillar design with cobble stones in multiple colors. The cobble stone is an artistic stone tile product that is very suitable for your gate pillar decoration with stone tiles. It comes in 6 multiple colors allowing you to play around with various design ideas.

Pillar design with marble offcut stones in various colors. The marble offcuts are simply small pieces of marble and granite stones prepared in uniform bits and installed on the Pillar individually to achieve a masterpiece like the picture above.

Chalky colored Ez fit stone tiles on the pillar with beige colored Ez fit stone at the pillar base of a residential building in South east Nigeria. The Ez fit stone is widely used as a pillar design stone tile because of its rugged look and strong structural appeal.

Stylish pillar design decoration job done with the eco brick tiles. Eco brick tiles are smooth multi colored brick tile type porpular in Southern Nigeria for both interior and exterior building wall decorations. This job is simply captivating with the way the pillar shape synchronized with the calm colors of Eco bricks.