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Stones for Fence Designs in Nigeria

This post will be showing you some wall stones for gate gate designs in Nigeria. If you like any of the stones, reach out to us on 0806 287 3386

The cobble stone multi colors is used here on this fence for a captivating decoration job. Cobble stone is a manufactured stone type suitable for exterior building fence design with its artistic appeal.

Castle rock stone is another beautiful stone type used for fence designs in Nigeria. The castle rock stone comes in multiple colors of 5 variants with uniform rectangular shape for each unit stone. The final color on the wall depends on how the stones are mixed in colors.

The chalky colored Ez fit stones used on the inside perimeter fence of a residential building. The chalky ez fit stone is very suitable for stone wall designs on locations where there is not direct impact of ground water as can be seen from the picture. Overall, the Ez fit stone is an exquisite stone type with great luxurious undertone.

The vintage stone is another popular manufacturered stone type used for exterior and interior fence wall decorations. The vintage stone comes as regular shaped square or rectangular synthetic wall stones suitable for fence, pillars and gate pillar decors. It also comes in multi colors, making it a great candidate for infinite creativity.

Eco brick stones multi color mix can also be used for stone design of fences. The product comes in 6 different colors and is suitable for design ideas that aligns with some kind of calm and peaceful finish. The fence above was decorated with about 4 different colors of Eco bricks.

Natural sliced stock marble stones can be used for fence designs also to make your fence structure stand out from the rest around the neighborhood. This is archived by slicing unit pieces of marble stones into regular shaped flat stones and installing them individually on the wall.

Half wall fence design has always been a great sight to behold when done by a professional team. This project is one of those half fence designs with cobble stones in beige color pattern. The beauty of this fence work can never be over emphasized.

Another vintage stone cladding on the fence gate pilllars. Here the full colors of the Vintage stone were used for the gate pillar decoration except the red color. Vintage stone is one of the most popular manufacturered stones for fence and gate pillar decorations.

The black Ez fit stone is used here on the gate pillars of this project and the project came out as superb fence decoration. The black ez fit stone is not too popular for fence design but it comes out really good when done nicely like the picture above.

Faux stone fence decoration is very popular in some western countries including United States and countries in Europe. Faux stones are special type of synthetic panels that mimic natural stone characters and are used on vertical walls for aesthetics. They come in various designs and colors.

Beige colored Ez panel stones used on the fence pillars and gate columns of the building. The beauty of this project is that this stone design is not too popular amongst home owners, therefor it brings with it good touch of uniqueness and style.

Offcut marble stones used for fence pillars. This stone type is processed from granites and marbles that are sliced into regular long pieces and installed on the wall individually. It is one of the most popular stone type for fence walls and pillars in Nigeria.