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Fence Designs in Nigeria

A Fence Designed With Ez Fit Stones
This post will be showing you various fence design concepts in Nigeria. The purpose of this post is to help you the builder see various designs for fences done by Nigerian builders across the country which will inspire you own design ideas. We are Farad Contractors Nigeria, we sell bricks and stones for fence and building wall decorations in Nigeria, therefore if you need any of the stones or bricks that you will be seeing in this post, reach out to us for enquiries on those products, we sell and install.

Fence Wall Designed With Natural Rocks
This pictures depicts the awesome result of making use of a combination of natural rocks and wire mesh to bring out the superb beauty of this fence wall. Just imagine how bare this fence work would have been without a combo of the stones and wire mesh on the wall.

Fence Colunms Designed With Cobble Stones
The beauty of a well designed fence work is that it gives the very first impression of the main house. This project was delivered with good sense of stone work design in mind by the building owner / designer. The accentuated big coulmns on the fence adorned with multi color mix of veneer cobble stones did wonders on this pillar. If you need this stone design for your own fence work. Do reach out to us.

Short See Through Fence
This see through short fence is a beauty to behold. One standout feature of this fence work is the obvious use of brick tiles for its column design. The brick tile type used in this project is called eco bricks, it comes in 6 multi colors and it is available for purchase at our warehouse. Another important feature to note here is the column cap design and the lamps used for its capping.

A Fence Decorated With Cobble Stones
This picture shows a modern fence design work done in Portharcourt Nigeria. The stone used on this project is called cobble stone and it is available if you need it.When deciding on the best way to design your fence, it is important to work with a very experienced architect. Doing so will save you future headache of having to redo poorly delivered fence work.

Half Fence Design
Half fence design with iron work, the fence work here was done without stonework or any brick work on it, a very prominent feature of this project is the beauty of the fence colunms and how it helped accentuate the fence work design. On top of each stands a well designed pillar cap which was done with great expertise. 

Cobble Stone on Fence Columns & Building
In this concept, the builder made use of the cobble stones on the building pillars and on the fence columns. The design here is very minimalist, yet it came out so superb on completion. For some reason, the owner of this fence decidesd to use non see through iron work for the fence which may be a security decission or even a privacy decission. The stones used on this building and the fence colunms are readily available for purchase, reach out to us if you need those.

Fence Design With Grey Cobble Stones
Veneer cobble stones has been used for fence designs in Nigeria for many years and it usually comes out very nice on the fence because of its artistic nature. The cobble stone colors used here for this project are the grey and ash colors of the stone. The finished job is very superb as can be seen from this picture, another wonderful effect from the picture is the combo of paint colors on the fence wall and the stone colors which align perfectly.

Dwarf Fence Design With Ex Fit Stone
This is a dwarf fence design done somewhere in Portharcourt Nigeria with the use of Ez fit stone tile. The building wall is also adorned with some amount of cobble stones as can be seen from the picture. One super awesome feature of this project is the simplistic dwarf style and see through feature of the fence which is remarkable. The stones on the fence are sold by Farad contractors Nigeria.

Fence Design With Natural Stones
Natural stones can do a very good job when it comes to fence design ideas, this project made use of flat natural flag stones to decorate the exterior of this beautiful building in portharcourt Nigeria. No matter the cladding material you decide to use for your building, the most important thing is to choose a product the balances the aesthetics and structure of the fence just like this project.

Fence Design With Brick Tile
This fence design was done with a combination of sand paint and burnt brick tiles. The particular brick tile used for this project is called shiraz S A bricks. An outstanding feature of this awesome fence job is the way the bricks were sparingly used on the fence while still achieving great finishing on the fence as can be seen from the picture above. If you need the bricks above for your fence design, reach out to us for more info.