, Note that We Also Sell Beautiful Stones For Exterior & Interior Wall Decorations In Nigeria. See samples of wall stones


Eco brick tiles picture
Samples of Eco Brick tiles 

Eco brick tiles of all colors available for sale at wholesale prices. Contact Farad Contractors Nigeria for thin wall bricks for exterior and interior wall decorations here in Nigeria.

Our Eco brick tiles comes in 6 color variations and they can be mixed in any desirrd ratios on the wall for best results. Price of Eco brick tiles is N5800 per carton where 1 carton of the brick tiles yields 1 square meter on the wall.

Installation is with cement, sand and optionally tile gum. We will give you professional installers to give you the best quality finishing of brick tile work.

Anywhere your site is located, we are always available to supply and install our quality eco brick tiles for you.