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stones for pillar decoration
ez fit stones for pillar decoration

We sell Stones for pillar decoration in Nigeria, We are Farad Contractors Nigeria, our quality decorative stones can be used for your house pillar decorations and they come in various types, shapes and colors.

Give your house pillars the best of upgrade with our stones for pillar decorations, we sell and install our stones on your house project anywhere your site is located in Nigeria. Our stone products for pillar decoration include, ez fit stones, cobble stones, vintage stones and ledge stones also available is the castle rock stone which also comes in various colors.

cobble stones for pillar decoration

The Cobble stone can also be used for your pillar decorations and it gives you an artistic stone decor performance on the wall. The final color of the job will depend on the individual colors selected for the stones

Chalk White Ez fit Stone

The chalk white ez fit stone is also a perfect candidate when you are searching for stones for your pillar decorations. Some builders mix two different colors of the stone together on the wall while others use different colors on different parts of the wall.

Black Ez fit Stone

Black ez fit stone is sold for the same price as the usual chalk colored ez fit stone at N6900 per square meter which contains two cartons of the stone. The black ez fit stone is a great stone for pillar decor and comes out wonderful on your building.

Contact us today for Inquiries and samples of our various stones for pillar decorations. We are Farad contractors Nigeria.