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Burnt bricks
Burnt brick tiles for sale in Nigeria at very good prices from Farad Contractors Nigeria. We offer great brands of burnt brick tiles for your building wall decorations including the South African burnt brick tiles.

South African bricks
The south African burnt brick is a burnt brick type type imported here in Nigeria from south Africa and made with the fly ash technology giving it a toasty brown look and appeal. it also has lighter shade colors for home builders who prefer the light burnt brick specs.

One very great advantage of burnt brick is that their colors are vitrified by heat hence they are everlasting with no change ever during the life of the bricks on the wall. The heat of the firing oven is way beyond 1000 degree centigrade, this melts the brick matter on the molecular level and unifies the burnt brick constituents as a whole unit giving them the durability that they are known for.

south african bricks shiraz
south african bricks shiraz
Another great advantage of burnt brick tile is long term cost effectiveness, burnt brick tiles reduces the long term painting cost of the building by up to 85% depending on the total areas of the building walls cladded with with the brick tiles.

The prices of burnt brick tiles in Nigeria ranges from N6500 per square meter to N7000 per sqaure meter depending on the type color and shades, the price may also be influenced location and total square meters needed. 

eco brick tiles
eco brick tiles

Other brick types like the antique brick tiles and the eco split brick tiles sell for N5800 to N6300 per square meter which is equivalent to 1m x 1m area on the wall with a consistent installation gap of about 12mm.

eco brick and ez fit stones
beige mix eco brick and ez fit stones

For all types of burnt brick tiles in Nigeria. both oven baked and cultured brick tiles, get in touch with us at Farad Contractors Nigeria, we sell, deliver and install for you anywhere your site is located in Nigeria with top notch installation standard.