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wall stones for sale in Nigeria
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Buy Wall Stones for building decorations from us at Farad Contractors Nigeria. Our wall stones are premium quality wall stones and we have qualified installers who are good in wall stone installations. The term Wall stones simply means flat stone veneers for building wall decorations and they include both natural wall stones and manufactured or synthetic wall stones. Examples of wall stones are Ez fit stones which comes as a panel stone, cobble stones for wall, vintage stones and natural wall stones which also come in panels.

Cobble stones
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Cobble stone sells for N6300 to N6500 per square meter where one square meter contains 2 boxes of the cobble stones which bears different shapes of wall stones in a box. cobble stone has 6 colors including red, orange, black, grey, dark brown and beige.
To buy wall stones in Nigeria, it is crucial to know the specific prices of different types of wall stones, the actual price of a particular wall stone depends on its material content and its weight. natural stones are generally more expensive than their synthetic or manufactured counterpart.

ez fit wall stones for sale in Nigeria
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The ez fit stone just like the cobble stone is a manufactured wall stone type that comes as stone panels and offers a rough character appeal on the wall. Ez fit stones are sold for N6900 per square meter which contains 2 boxes. It has only 3 colors of beige, black and grey color.

vintage wall stones
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Also a manufactured wall stones type. the vintage stone comes as regular shaped squares and rectangles in different colors patterned on the wall. it is one of the latest stone types to grace the Nigerian building industry and it sells for N6900 per square meter just like the ez fit stones. Discounts are offered with the respect to the total square meters of stones to be bought.

ledge stones
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Ledge stones are about the most expensive manufactured wall stone available in Nigeria and it comes as tiny stone bits installed individually on the wall. The price of ledge stone is N8900 per square meter and it includes 2 cartons of ledge stones, it also comes in 6 colors of red, orange, black, grey, dark brown and beige.