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Stone Facing For Walls

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Stone facing for walls are flat slices of real or manufactured stones for wall decoration purposes. Here in Nigeria, there are numerous types of Stone Facing For Walls and they are all quality products that bring out the very best of your building aesthetics.

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Granite Stone Pitching

The granite stone pitching is also a type of stone facing for walls, it comes as little bits of granite stacked on top each other to achieve a ledge stack look and appeal on the wall.
Other types of materials used for stone facing for walls include natural stone panels, the cobble stone, ez fit stones, and the ledge stones.

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The prices of stone facing for walls depend on the type of stone material used for the stone facing, natural stones are the most expensive at around N12,800 to N13,500 per square meter while manufactured stone prices ranges from N6500 to N7000 per square meter.

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Installation of stone facing for walls is actually an art as well as a skill, all you need is cement and fine sharp sand for the installation. But some installers usually like to add tile gum which does not make much difference as long as the wall is primed well before the installation.

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