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Natural Stone Wall Cladding

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Natural stone wall cladding means the act of covering the walls of the building with thin sliced natural stones of different types and colors.

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 The exact natural stone type used for natural stone wall cladding depends on the several factors including the choice of the house owner, the cost of the natural stone products and the area of walls to be covered.

natural stone wall cladding
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Other Factors that may influence the choice of natural stones for wall cladding may include the color of paint on the wall and the roof color of the building.

Different stone type that are used for natural stone wall cladding include slate, quarts and of course marble and granite, these are sourced as a natural raw material from mountains of the earth by big stone processing companies in countries like China and Turkey, sliced polished and processed then exported to stone cladding companies in Nigeria like Farad contractors Nigeria for sale to the end users.

Natural Stone Wall Cladding
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The cost of natural stone material is actually about the most expensive of all other material options for wall cladding purpose like the manufactured stones and other veneer stone materials, this is because of the industrial cost of processing natural stones for wall cladding and their construction values.

The price for 1 square meter of natural stone ranges from N12,500 to N13,000 and the installation cost is N1000 per square meter. Depending on the choice of material selected.

Natural Stone Wall Cladding
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To install natural stones on the wall, all you need is actually cement and sand for this purpose but some people love to add tile gum to the mortar mix, while this is of no proven detriment, we at Farad contractors Nigeria actually consider this an over kill.

If your building wall is rightly primed and the mortar mixed in the correct specified ratio with fine sharp sand, The natural stone will hold firmly on the wall without any issues.

Natural Stone Wall Cladding
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