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Mixed Eco Brick Tiles On Exterior Wall

eco brick tiles on exterior wall
Mixed Eco Brick Tiles

Mixed Eco brick tiles used on the exterior walls of a secondary school building in Portharcourt Nigeria, Project was delivered by Farad contractors Nigeria and we made use of only selected colors eco brick tiles for this project.


Eco Bricks Mixed Diagonals

This pattern design has the beige, brown, black and red colored eco bricks used to display deliberate diagonal designs on the wall. You can achieve countless designs with various colors and patterns of eco bricks.

All Black Eco Brick tiles

The eco brick tiles can be used according to however you want the final job to appear. In this project, the black color of the eco brick is used entirely on the wall and the job came out superb on the wall. There is no extra cost for using a particular color type of the eco bricks.

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