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Cultured Stone

cultured stones
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Cultured stones are concrete based wall decorative products made to replicate the aesthetics and character of real stone materials. Cultured stones are also called manufactured stones or sometimes synthetic stones because they are man made in simulation of flat decorative stones.

The materials needed for the making of cultured stones are sand aggregates, sharp sand, cement, iron oxide pigments and casting molds, these materials are mixed in the desired ratios and allowed to set in their respective molds for at least 48 hours to achieve various colors and shapes of cultured stones.

cultured stones
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In Nigeria, there are numerous kinds and brands of cultured stones available in the market for both interior and exterior wall decorations, they include cobble stones, ez fit stones, vintage stones, ledge stones, castle stones and others. 

They are all manufactured veneer stones made into varied shapes,sizes and colors for building wall decorations, whereby the choice of stones to be used by the home owner depends on the specific design pattern he wants to achieve for his building.

cultured stones
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Cultured stones are relatively more affordable than their natural stone counterparts because of their availability and ease of processing. The average price of cultured stone ranges from N6500 per square meter to N9300 per square meter depending on the type.

Whereas the natural stones are not readily available and takes more effort to access and process making them expensive.

cultured stones
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  1. Cultured stones are light weight compared to their natural stone counterpart because of their mode and materials of production.
  2. They are readily available in varied designs and color options hence are very much suited for large scale building wall cladding purpose.
  3. Cultured stones are very durable like natural stones and they exhibit negligible to no color change on the building wall.
  4. Because of their ease of manufacturing, cultured stones are much more affordable than the natural stones yet give same aesthetics value.
  5. Cultured stones are easier and faster to work with, hence they are very good for home owners who want their jobs delivered under a specific time period.
cultured stones
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Buy various types and colors of cultured stones for both interior and exterior building wall decorations from Farad contractors Nigeria. We offer quality products and professional after sales installation. call us on 0806 287 3386.

cultured stones
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