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Brick Tiles For Exterior Walls

the south african brick tile
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Brick tiles for exterior wall include all thin brick tiles types that can be used for wall decorations of exterior walls of the building. Usually, these brick tiles types should be able to withstand the extreme weather conditions of obtainable in any part of Nigeria where the building is located.

Many brick tile types can be used for wall decoration of exterior building walls including the south African brick tile, eco brick tiles and antique brick tiles. These brick tile types come with different prices in the market depending on your location and the quantity needed.

The South African Brick Tiles

the south african  brick tile
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The south African tiles comes as a burnt brick tile type with characteristic toasted look, the burnt character of the south African brick tile makes it very durable and color fade resistant. It is very popular brick tile type in Lagos and many south western part of Nigeria. It comes in numerous color shades of dark chocolate to light yellow duet and ivory satin type. The South African Brick tile is packed 50 pieces in a carton, sometimes 52 depending on factory.

The Antique Brick Tile

antique brick tile
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The antique brick tile comes as a rough brick tile type, the rough surface of the antique brick tile makes it a very good candidate for brick tiles for exterior walls decoration. It comes in 6 different color varieties For color choice flexibility. The antique brick tile is popular in the south eastern part of Nigeria including Enugu, Portharcourt and Owerri.

Eco Brick Tile

eco brick tile
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The Eco brick tile is a smooth surfaced brick tile type for exterior wall decoration, its smooth surface makes it less susceptible to stains and dirt from the outside environment and also cement stains during the installation, The Eco brick tile also comes in 6 color varieties and it is packed 54 pieces per carton. It is also a very popular brick tile type in Enugu and portharcourt especially.

Kotec Bricks 

Kotec bricks

Kotec brick tiles is Currently not available in stock, you can buy the south African brick type that matches the color of kotec brick tile type you want. The price of the south African brick tile is lower and it offers a slightly higher quality than the koteck brick tile.

 South African Bricks Mixed Color

south african brick tile burnt jasper
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The south african brick tiles come in many different burnt colors. The final outcome of the colors on your building depends on how you mixed each colors before installing on the wall. In this job above, colors like melort,burnt jasper and minute quantities of Autumn were used for the job.

Other Products.

eco brick tile
Eco Brick Tile  0806 287 3386

eco brick tile
Eco Brick Tile  0806 287 3386

antique brick tile
Eco Brick Tile  0806 287 3386

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Ivory Satin S A Bricks

Ivory satin South African Bricks is light shaded and suitable for both exterior wall and interior wall decoration. The current price of Ivory satin is N7000 per carton which gives 1 square meter.

South African Bricks Autum

The autumn colored south African brick is one of the most sought after light brown colors of the south African brick tiles available in the market. The price is N7000 per square meter.