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Facts About Natural Thin Stone Veneer.

facts about natural thin stone veneer
Natural Stones

    Natural thin stone veneers are natural cut stones given to us by Mother Nature; they are sliced and shaped to desire sizes both for interior and exterior use.

    It weighs less and a perfect replica of natural full stone used most of the time as a covering or for beautifying walls. They are stones that enhance the beauty of walls and old buildings when used for remodeling.

    The use of natural thin stone veneer advanced late in the 19th century, before then full-fledged natural stones were and still used, which can be clumsy and cumbersome and in some cases tumble down if the weight is too much and if not properly aligned on walls while installing.

    With the steady growth in popularity and upgrading these days, natural thin stone veneers mostly signifies a show for affluence because of its magnificent beauty and natural attraction.

    Natural stone veneer is Eco-friendly, it doesn’t exude chemicals and no man-made pigments added. It is mostly 1 inch thick and a great use in corner places though it cannot be installed on wood, only on constructed concrete surfaces and interior framed walls.

    Mortar specifically produced for thin stone veneer should be used for installation. Barrier for wetness should be created when installing. It is ideal for remodeling building projects thanks to its weightlessness.

    Advantages of Natural Stone Veneer.

    1. Natural stone veneer is eco-system friendly since it is naturally pure and not made by man.
    2. It discourages waste as it is a beautiful piece of artwork handed as a gift from mother-nature which tends to stand the test of time.
    3. Once installed, it requires little or no maintenance at all.
    4. is durable, can withstand any weather condition and direct UV rays.
    5. Natural stone veneer is workable and easy to install on appropriate surfaces.
    6. It can be used both interior and exterior of homes, hotels, schools, etc.
    7. Natural stone veneer is light in weight and can fit in perfectly on spaces even on small spaces.
    8. It retains its natural color and doesn’t easily fade.
    9. It can be cut into any shape or sizes one desires for his project and it will still retain its natural elegant look.