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Eco bricks siding in Nigeria
Eco  bricks siding in Nigeria

Brick siding is a beautiful, modern and long-lasting additional construction to any building. The bricks come in various styles and sizes to suit ones taste and gives any building a classic rural look.

To maintain brick siding is fairly easy to maintain. Periodic cleaning of the bricks once in every 12 months is mandatory. The cleaning should be done with water hose to get rid of dirt on the bricks. Regular examination of the bricks for damages by hazardous elements is advised. For buildings situated in humid areas, one should be on look on lookout for molds and moss growth.

 The growth can be sorted out with a bristle brush and a mixed solution of bleach and water. The wall should first of all be watered; this will help so that the bleach doesn’t get attached to the wall and cause damages.
Advantages of Brick Siding
Brick siding provides extra support to the walls and protects the wall from direct environmental hazards. It doesn’t demand much work in its maintenance and cleaning. It is maintenance free with occasional checks for damages.

Buildings with brick siding installed on them attracts higher and faster market value when put up for sale. Brick siding acts as a good insulator. It stabilizes the temperature of home interior no matter the change in weather.

Brick siding saves money (it is a once in a long time investment), environmentally friendly and a great sound proof material. It also adds beauty to buildings and the elegance gets better with age.