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wall tiles and brick tiles
South African Brick Tiles

Brick tile is a thin brick, a structural stone product that is 3/4 inches thick, it can be used on various surfaces like woods and walls. Brick tile is an enhancing substitute for conventional brick. It comes in various shades of grey, brown and cream colors and also in two different textures of smooth and rough.

Wall tile is a structural product from baked clay, ceramic and stone. It is thin sliced with a square and rectangular shape mainly used for covering and beautifying walls and floors. It comes in different colors, shapes and the texture is mostly smooth.

They are both used for aesthetic purposes and as surface finishes although brick tile is not as fanciful and eye catching as wall tile.

Wall tiles and brick ties are both come in different shades of colors and sizes giving one a wide range of preference for designs although colors of brick tile is limited.

They are both climate/weather resistant although brick tile colour fades under sever and constant sunlight.

They both don’t absorb smells.
They are made from baked clay although wall tile can also be made from stone and ceramic.
During production, they are both baked to strengthen them.

There are both structural products.
They both can be used in interior and exterior of homes although wall tile is used more in interior like kitchens, swimming pools and bathrooms.
They are both thin with a square and rectangular shape.

They are both environmentally friendly.
They are both durable but brick tile lasts longer than wall tile.
Both can be reused if they did not break when dismantling them.
Wall tile is cheaper to buy but brick tile saves money as it lasts longer than wall tile.

There are various differences between wall tile and brick tile.
Brick tile is not always easy to install but wall tile is very easy and straight forward to install.
Existing surfaces are not necessarily dismantled when you want to install brick tile, while the surface needs to be well leveled and smooth before installing wall tile.

Wall tiles are always installed directly to the wall while this is not always the case with brick wall. It can be installed to walls directly or on existing surface with adhesive or mortar.
Brick tiles needs constant maintenance to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt which can be quite cumbersome to get out while wall tiles don’t need constant maintenance as it can be easily cleaned.

Wall tile gets dirty easily unlike brick tile.
It is much easier to clean wall tiles than brick tiles.
Brick tiles surface needs to be sealed to last long but wall tile doesn’t need sealing to last long.
Brick tile is slip resistant unlike wall tile that is too slippery.
Wall tile resists the growth of molds and fungi unlike brick tile because it porous nature.


A wall tile is grander in looks than brick tile. The main reason for installing both is for aesthetic purposes.

Most brick tiles are porous while wall tiles are never porous.

Brick tile adds strength to walls especially if installed in running pattern, wall tiles doesn’t add strength to walls.

Brick tile saves money; it lasts longer than wall tiles.

Wall tile is fragile; it cracks and falls off walls easily. Finding the exact tile and replacing it is not easy but this is never the case with brick tile.

Brick tile is perfectly more natural in looks than wall tile.

Wall tile is much easier to clean than brick tile.

Whether wall tile is wet or not it stays the same unlike brick tile that causes fluorescence when wet and air is not well circulated.

Brick tile should be sealed with transparent sealer to encourage durability but wall tile doesn’t need sealing and it can still last without.

Wall tile is great with skirting walls and brick tile is not.