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stone veneer sealants

Stone veneer sealants are liquid polymer products either glossy or transparent  that are applied on finished stone veneer surface to provide protective shields on them. Stone veneer sealants protect stone veneer from harsh weather, stains, corrosion, moisture, salt and discoloration.

Sealants should not be entirely confused with stone polish, while polish enhances the surface look of stone veneer by giving them sheen, sealants are basically for protective purpose though some stone veneer sealants are also shiny in finish.

The long duration of stone veneer can be guaranteed with correct selection and application of sealants. Before choosing a sealant for use on stones there are things you should put into consideration. What kind of sealant you want to apply to the stone. In this case we bring to mind that there are kinds of sealants available and choosing one should depend on what you want exactly. If you want a natural or enhanced finish look for the stones or you want to use water or solvent based sealers.

Natural stone sealers will have your stone looking natural exactly as installed. It doesn’t change the color of the stones or give it sheen of any kind. This sealer is great when used on polished stones.
Enhancing stone sealers will change the color of most stones, either highlighting or darkening; and also gives the stones a sheen look.

A good stone veneer sealant should be able to protect the stone veneer against ultra violet light rays, it should be able to resist chemical attack on the stone veneer surface and at same time allow the stone veneer some breathing grace so that aeration can get through the stone veneer base. Stains can never get to the stone veneer if s good stone veneer sealant is applied properly on the finished job.

 It is always advisable to try sealers in a small inconspicuous portion of the wall to try out the effect first before using generally on the whole surface of the wall. Polymer molecule is the active sealant in all sealers. Solvent is merely the liquid that carries the sealer to the stone which vanishes almost immediately and the polymer is left on the stone to provide a shielding barrier.

Advantages of Sealants
Applying sealants to your stones veneer makes cleaning finished stone veneer easier.
Sealants protects the stone veneers against discoloration , enhances color, and environmental hazards.
Stone veneer sealants maintains and adds longevity to stones veneers.
Some sealants that are shiny in finish also adds sheen and beautifies stone veneers.
It protects stone veneers against harsh weather conditions.
Sealants helps to minimize the influence of mineral salts on stones.
Sealants are mainly used to seal off stains, water, and other harmful agents from attacking stone veneers.
 The use of sealants on stone veneers protects against weather conditions anywhere in the world. Sealants are also applied on stones veneers to aid the stone last long.
Stone veneer sealants also have the property of binding the stone veneer make up molecular structures together giving it a stronger binding effect.