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Stack stones

Stack stone is made from cut pieces of natural stone that comes with variations in texture, colour and thickness. Stack stone is in vogue around the globe as one of the most popular means to beautify houses. It has come to evolve overtime to greatly improve the appearance of exterior and interior of houses. It gives intense elegant texture to the wall surface you desired to feature with stack stone. Stack stone is fairly easy to install but requires a professional for the job for that 19th century modernized look.

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Advantages of stack stone are to cover up dull or hideous looking bare walls. This will totally change the entire look of the wall elegantly. Stack stone can be used to brighten up homes adding alluring and contemporary finish to your home. Apart from concealing hideous walls, stack stone is also installed to protect walls from harsh elements. A professionally installed stack stone is economical. It can last for ages with the exceptional look intact thereby saving money of future renovation. It improves the mein of a house both the exterior and interior.

Areas where stack stone can be installed can either be interior or exterior of any building. It fits perfectly anywhere with the right design styles. In exterior setting, stack stone can be used aesthetically to accentuate chimney, around the frontage doors, pillars and at the bottom of the building. Stack stone can be used in any designated place in the interior of a house, on the bathroom walls, barrooms, foyers, kitchens and fire place in living rooms giving them stunning 19th century outlook.

Note that stack stones comes in various sizes and colours and these can affect the way the finished installation comes out if taken into consideration or overlooked. For one building a house and longs for a captivating effect, the stack stone colours and sizes have to be chosen well in advance for it to go with the style and design one desires. As aforementioned stack stone comes from natural stones and can either be in its natural form or polished, the choice of which to go with should be put in plans too.

Also, stack stone is porous and so also the mortar that is used to attach it to walls, so it has to be sealed at least once a year to prevent water penetrating inside to cause damage leading to a redo of the stone stacking over a short period of time. Caring for the stack stone is fairly easy as it just requires regular dusting with a duster or vacuum cleaner. Extra deep cleaning with Neutral stone cleaner can be done on fireplaces, sprayed over the surface and wiped down.

First clean the area of the wall you want to highlight with stack stone. The area must be free of dust, oil and dirt as presence of these will not allow the mortared stack stone to bind well to the wall.
Prepare the prime coat by mixing the primer in a bucket of water, instructions on the product should be followed duly to get the accurate ratio of water to the primer.

Coat the area you want to feature the stack stone with the primer. You can use painting roller or brush for this and leave for 15 minutes.While waiting for the primer to dry, lay out the stack stone to dry. Laying out the stack stone will also help you to sort them out in colours, textures and thickness to plan the design and look you want.

Mix the mortar with the liquid in a container, make sure the instructions on the product is followed to achieve the right consistency for binding strength. Apply the mortar to the surface of the wall you want to highlight with stack stone. This can be done with trowel spreading the mortar evenly across the surface in small sections.Start attaching the stack stone to the spread mortar working from the bottom and upward. If there is a space too small for the stack stone to fit, measure the space with a steel tape and cut the stone according to the measurement to fit the space.

When you’ve reached the top row, there likely will be irregular gaps left to fill. To correct this, it is either you measure the gap and cut the stack stone accordingly to fit the spaces or you can apply mortar directly to the stack stone and attach to the wall. Finally, Tidy up any clutter with water and sponge and leave to dry.

You need the following materials ready before starting your installation mortar, primer, stacked stone, water and sponge.