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Faux stone
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Faux stone is not a natural stone, it is manufactured with polyurethane. It is a very good imitation of a real stone that it takes a professional eye and a closer look to know a faux stone if it well installed
It is easier to work with rather than natural stone because it is faster to install owing to it large panels.

 Less time and labor is required when installing this type of stone; a normal strong adhesive can easily be used for its installation but is advisable to use mortar. Faux stone is straight forward, it doesn’t require much technique, any person, as long as he knows how to measure horizontal and vertical surfaces with spirit level very well will do a great job installing it.

Since faux stone is a good imitation of natural stone in looks, texture, color and shape, when choosing to buy make sure you select different arrays of faux stone to give an uncommon impression of natural stone. Go with stones that look more like natural stones and install them randomly and it won’t easily be noticed that they are not real stones.


  1. Faux stone is durable if the environment is calm enough.
  2. Faux stones are light in weight so it doesn’t add stress to wall buildings.
  3. Faux stone is strong enough to resist shocks and doesn’t decay over time.
  4. Faux stone is made from Portland cement and iron oxide (for coloration)
  5. Faux stone is eco friendly.
  6. Faux stone is made of small concentration of foam covered on top with a long-lasting pressure resistant plastic layer.
  7. Faux stone comes with different designs, styles and beautiful shades of color around the world to suit your taste and preference.
  8. Faux stone is stain resistant; it can self-maintain its looks for years, quite easy to clean with bristle brush.
  9. Most faux stone are fire resistant and quite ideal for fire places.
  10. It is a good option for a personal project because it is easy to install.

faux stone is easier to install than natural stones because it comes with large panels that makes installation work easier and saves time. Faux stone can stand in place for natural stone if you’re looking to cut cost of buying and installing stones.

They lasts long, light weight and easier to handle. Faux stone can be cut easily with normal saw, It has great aesthetic look like natural stone and It is cost effective. Even though faux stone is manufactured, it still has the same features of natural stone.

Faux stone does not decay, easier to apply with glue though it advisable to apply with mortar. It is available in different array of styles,shapes and shades of colors to give you a unique preference according to your taste. Faux stone is beautiful, stain resistant and easy to clean.