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Waterock cobble stone and ez fit stone

Waterock global developement company limited is a veneer stones and and bricks manufacturing business with headquarters at Enugu state Nigeria. Founded in 2009 as Nigeria's foremost manufactured stones company, waterock has grown over the years to be a giant in Nigeria's stones and bricks manufacturing industry.

Waterock or water rocks as some people call it while others call it waterrocks because of the stone products has several veneer stone products crafted to serve a diverse strata of Nigerian builders with varied needs in stone cladding or veneer bricks cladding of their building projects.

Waterock manufactured stones products include cobble stones, vintage stones , ez fit stones,castle rocks and ledge stones while bricks products ranges from eco bricks to antique bricks and more recently eco lego and eco split.

Waterock also maintain branches in many Nigerian cities including Portharcourt business office, Abuja, Asaba, Nnewi, Lagos with new Branches coming up in owerri and some other satellite cities in Nigeria.


The Cobble Stone :
Cobble stone is one of the foremost products from waterock global development company Ltd. It comes as an artistic irregular edged stone designed for both interior and exterior wall decorations. The price of the cobble stone starts at N6300 per square meter and it had a total of 6 variant colors.
Cobble stone

The Castle Stone :
Castle stone is a uniformly shaped stone type that comes in the rectangular shapes and in many different colors. It sells for N7000 per square meter. The final color depends on the colors you chose for the job.
Castle stone

The Castle Stone White :
Castle stone white  color is one of the colors of Castle stone. The color does not actually come pure white but comes as off-white or ash color. The price is also N7000 per square meter of the stone.
White Castle stone

Ez Fit Stone Beige Color :
Beige colored ez fit stone is one of the three available colors of ez fit stone at waterock. The ez fit stone is a panel type ledge like manufactured stone type suitable for exterior and interior wall decorations. The price of ez fit stone is N6900 per square meter which is same as two cartons.
Ez fit Stone Beige

Ez Fit Stone Mixed Color :
The Ez fit stone can be mixed up according to your desired color pattern to achieve various customized color combinations. Here, the black, beige and grey color types of the ez fit stone are used together to achieve uniqueness.
Ez fit Stone Mixed Colors

Eco Bricks Black and Grey Colors:
The eco brick tiles are smooth character brick tile type used for both interior and exterior building wall decoration. It is made in Nigeria by Waterock and comes in 6 different color types. The current price of eco brick is N6200 per square meter.
Eco Bricks By Waterock