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Ez fit stones on a pillar

Veneer stones or stone veneer are slim stone slices for both interior and exterior building wall decorations. They are used by many builders all over the world for same purpose, wall decorations.

Stone veneers were first introduced in the late 19th century. They come in two different forms, full stone veneers and thin stone Veneers. Full stone veneer is 4inch and has always been the most commonly used. When using full stone, it gives you the option of reshaping it to your desired size and forms.Thin stone veneers are cut thinner than full stone; this gives it a sleek shape and it weigh much lighter than its counterpart which makes it easier to work with.


Arctic White 3D Hones: this is a honed-stacked stone beautifully carved out of marble. It comes in variations of whites. They are usually 6/24 in panels, the thickness ranges from 0.5-0.7 inches. This luxurious stone is usually installed in house interior. It boasts of a clean and crisp contemporary look that you can’t easily take your eyes off it.

Sonoma Valley: these come in shades of grey, rust and warm gold which compliments an innovative approach to natural stones. It has a split-face finish and sawn on the back which guarantees east application on your landscape, fireplace and exterior cladding. Also is also Sawn Chop, this stone shape which comes in rectangular and square shape has a modern look that allows for various design styles.

Roman Beige: Roman Beige is a stacked split-faced stone ledger that is composed mainly of natural travertine which is 0.3-0.5 thick, the size is 4.5x16. It colour varies from beige, cream and golden hues which gives off a warm traditional look. The size is usually 6/24 and it is often used to decorate house exterior and sometimes used interior as well. Roman Beige is also good choice for feature walls, accent borders and niches. It fits together easily, flawlessly alignment and no grout is required for its installation.

Yokun Blend: this is a natural stone that is made up of beautiful split-face granite which includes a mixture of soft gray, warm cream, golden and brown hues. It is light weight and a great option for wall cladding and other exterior designs. It is 2-4 inches in height and has transitional looks coupled with its contemporary and traditional style.

Bluffstone: they are narrow ledge stones in height with lengths ranging from 7-21 inches. Its average size is 3 inches high. It exists in beautiful warm palette of tinted neutral grays, wine and tint of apricot. It has a tight, dry-stacked look.

Country Rubble: this stone veneer gives you the perfect type of European stone with natural earthly colours. The veneer is a reflection of simplicity in its fullness. The irregular, rough faced stones range from 2-18 inches high and 4-18 inches in length. It can be installed to give an even layered effect.

Royal Black: Royal Black is unique black marble. It is a 6/24 ledger panels that are water tight and a perfect use for wet areas you wish an aesthetic look. This stone veneer is recommended both for interior and exterior design purposes.