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Some notable buildings around the world built with bricks

Ez fit veneer stone
Ez Fit Veneer Stone

Over the years, architects and builders have been devising interesting and awesome ways of making use bricks in decorative building finishes. New ideas keep coming up about unique applications of different types of bricks for both interior and exterior wall finishing. Today, we will be showing some popular buildings around the world with good looking veneer bricks finishing in no particular order or rank.

Radio Tower and Hotel: located at 2420 Amsterdam Avenue in Washington. The Radio Tower and Hotel is designed by a Dutch firm called MVRDV(acronym for the founding members, Winy Maas, Jacob Van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries) and designed for YoungWoo and Associates.
Radio Tower and Hotel comprises of various blocks for shops, offices, event centers and hotel all of which are built with different colors of bricks. This gives it a unique look of huge stacks of lego cubes, piled up to reach 22 floors in height. The ceramic bricks in shades of yellow, blue, green and red are used in tune with the surroundings of the building.
Each stack of blocks of the building have different color and for different purposes. The yellow block is for office outlets, the red and dark green blocks are for the hotel and the blue is for event center.
Radio tower and hotel

Hoxton Press: It’s a two sister towers with hexagon shape. Hoxton Press is a residential building located in Hackney, London. One of the towers is 16 storey built with red bricks while the other is 20 floors built with dark grey bricks. This is actually a project initiated by Karakusevic Carson to redevelop the whole of Colville Estate, also with the intent of bringing back the 1950’s architectural style. The Hoxton Press comprises of 198 homes which is being let out privately to help raise finances for other new houses in Colville Estate. The architectures are Karakusevic Carson and David Chipperfield.
Hoxton press house London

The Brick House:
 The building is located in rural settlement of Wada, India. It is a farmhouse set between hills and farms in the rural area. As the name entails, it is built with red bricks thus giving the building a cool atmosphere. The brickwork used is ecosystem friendly and the costing low due to low requirement of steel in the construction. The architect who designed The Brick House is Istudio and they gave the building structure a complete earthly look and feel.
The bricks house

The Red Brick Theatre:
 This structure was built with red bricks by a Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza at Llinars del Valles in Barcelona. The Red Brick Theatre is a Public Auditorium that was built specially as part of public investment in the cultural amenity of Llinars del Valles. The building consisted of two separate blocks. One block is used as the theater offices and the other block consisted of 300-seat auditorium.
Red bricks theatre

this building is located in Seoul South Korea and was designed by STPMJ architects. (STPMJ is an acronym for their names Seung Teak Lee and Mi Jung Lim which is connected by P for plus. It also portrays their five core principles which is Speculative, Trailblazing, Playful, Materialized and Judicious) .The building structure is called Skinny House because it stands onto a 100 square meter plot of land. This building is a vertically stack tall five floor family house built with red bricks.
A skinny house