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Advantages of stone veneer

Stone veneer means slim slices of stones manufactured in good imitation of natural stones in color, form and texture, stone veneers are mostly used for decoration of building walls. Their constituents are of Portland cement, lightweight natural aggregates and Iron Oxides Pigment for achieving various color impressions for the stones.

These stones are basically designed to look like stones already given to us by Mother Nature, they are so realistic that it takes very close scrutiny to tell them apart fro natural stones. Stone veneer is also known as Faux Stones or veneer stones and they come in different sizes, shapes and captivating colors to suit ones taste and preference.

Installation of stone veneers to building wall surfaces can be achieved by various installation techniques including direct attachment with cement mortars, Kerf stone anchors, Dowel stone fixing technique and Undercut anchoring but installation with cement mortar is actually the most popular stone veneer installation method here in Nigeria and many other countries. In direct attachment, mortar or cement is used as a bond between the building wall facade and the back of the stone veneer. Stone veneers are generally becoming a popular building decoration practice here in Nigeria and in many places around the world.
1.Veneer stones also known as Faux Stones gives your building the warmth and beauty of real natural stones thereby bringing you very close to nature, It is ideal for all climate changes and classic enough to withstand the test of time.

2.Because they are manufactured stones, there are wide selections of veneer stones in various stone styles and colors making it a perfect choice for your home or building decoration, you have maximum flexibility of choices of stones to satisfy your aesthetics appeal.

3.Veneer stones can be installed in fire places and chimneys because the material is heat resistant.
Veneer stones are basically used for its aesthetic looks; it gives your walls, inside rooms, swimming pool areas that beautiful and customized look that you will be proud of.

4.Veneer stones are maintenance free which goes to say that it saves lots of money in future, come rain or sunshine the color will not fade, it will always be there on your building, looking great for many years to come.

5.Stone veneer are weightless, cost effective, environmentally friendly and easy to transport from one site to the other. They are not as heavy as natural stones which make it easier to install without the worries of extra weight added to the building.

6.Veneer stones can be installed on virtually any surface or facade like bricks, woods, cements and metals easily with the appropriate installation methods for each surface which making it an easy choice for both builders and home owners.
Veneer stones are aesthetically exceptional that even mother nature stares on it.