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What you should know about refractory bricks .

Refractory bricks
Refractory Bricks

Refractory bricks are basically block of heat resistant materials used in lining furnaces and kilns. A Refractory brick is made to withstand high temperature,but will also usually have a low thermal conductivity and they can sustain excessive heat without melting.

Various types of refractory bricks are available in the market today. Their varieties are as a result of differences in their structure and specific heat handling capacities resulting from their chemical and structural formulations. Various types of refractory bricks are.

 Silicon carbides operate in highly abrasive environments coupled with extra high temperatures, they are very durable and enhanced capacity.

Ceramic brick allows for delivery of exceptional wear and abrasion resistance coupled with high heat tolerance levels. There are many shapes and applications of ceramic brick types because of the ease of molding ceramic products.

These brick types are usually made from derivatives of alumino silicates. The best grade of Aluminium silicates usually contain up to 90 to 96 percent of Aluminum while lower grades have much smaller constituent. Aluminum silicate bricks are very durable, heat resistant and very abrasive with resistance from chemical corrosion.

Refractory materials are designed to be thermally, physically and chemically stable. They are widely applicable at heat resistant equipments like furnaces, ovens and kilns as they can withstand very high temperatures of operations without melting. They are mostly made with oxides of Aluminium, Silicon and magnesium.