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South african bricks available in Nigeria
South African bricks

We are dealers of the original south Afrcian bricks type here in Nigeria 0806 287 3386. We import directly from the main manufactures in South Africa. We are Farad Contractors Nigeria, many builders and property developers in Nigeria know is and our products. Therefore you are rest assured that you are buying the very original bricks and stones when you deal with us
How to know original south african bricks: truth be told, if you are not in the bricks and stones industry, knowing the original South African bricks may be hard because what distinguishes the fake from the original is not deciphered just from physical observation.

The distinction usually take some level of familiarity to unravel, the similarity is so close that you need good technical knowledge of bricks and stones products to distinguish fake from original.

Another obvious difference from the two is in their durability variance. The original south African bricks is almost unaffected by exterior weather conditions while the fake south african bricks fades with time. But since this fading may only be noticeable after 1 month depending on the weather condition of the geographical area, it is not an immediate on the spot way of decipher.

Therefore, to be sure of what you are buying, you need to work with trusted and genuine bricks and stones company like Farad Contractors Nigeria, our quality is un beatable.