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How to buy bricks and stones online in Nigeria

Where to buy eco bricks online

Are you building a house in Nigeria and you need quality bricks and stones for your building wall decorations in Nigeria ? There is a very easy and convenient way to get whatever type of bricks and stones you need. We as a company will be offering you a very simple steps on how to get your brick and stones products even if you are not in Nigeria.

We are Farad Contractors Nigeria, we sell, supply and install all types of veneer bricks and stones for building wall decorations anyhwere in Nigeria. We are strongly visible online here on our website and many classfield advertisement sites in Nigeria.

Engaging our service is very easy, firstly you need to have had a clear choice of the type of bricks and stones you need. If you don't already have an idea of what you need, you can use our gallery here on our website to see over 130 jobs done for other clients, then make your choice from there or you can contact us for one on one presentation and assesement of your building to offer our professional advice.

After choosing your product type, we need to have an idea of the total area of the portions of your building where we will install the stones and bricks, this we will use in giving you the cost of the job. You can either get wall measurement yourself or get someone to measure it out for you. Our site installers can also measure this for you if they are chanced.

Then we will give you the cost of the job, you can either pay for the project online via bank transfer or get someone to visit any of our offices to pay. We will not supply products before payment.

After payment has been made and confirmed, our installers moves into site with your chosen bricks and stones type then install your job for you.

If you have any questions about our operations or payment channels, please do contact us with the number on top of this page.
We are Farad Contractors Nigeria, we decorate buildings with stones and bricks anywhere in Nigeria