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Eco bricks for sale in Nigeria
Eco bricks, which is our smooth brick option comes in six main colors of red, beige, grey, orange,brown and black. But the beauty of our bricks is that you enjoy the maximum choice flexibility by making use of any color choice combinations you prefer for your building decoration.

Above is an awesome delivery showing one of our bricks and stones jobs from our parent company, we made use of majority of the beige color of our Eco bricks with little spots of other colors of red, black and brown.

This bricks job is still another confirmation that our bricks can be installed according to varied discretion and they don't always have to be in full color installation on the wall. Any color ratio combination can come out nice depending on the specific expectation of the job.

Our field engineers and soft sketch software are available to help you as our valued client make informed and best color choice decisions for the bricks and stone types you choose for your building. Our ultimate goal as a brick and stone company is to always make you get the best value for your money while dealing with Farad contractors Nigeria. we are well known and respected all over Nigerian building industry as a premium brand in bricks and stones sales and installation for Nigerian home builders.