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Ez fit stone on a building
Ez fit stone beige
Exterior ez fit stone installed on a building for a client in Nigeria, we cladded the two main pillars at the front of the building with the two minor columns on the building. Also we covered the major window decor at the building front to accentuate a balanced design for the stone decoration.


Black Ez fit stone

The black Ez fit stone is not a pure black stone in color, it comes with touches of dark brown design and is sold at same price as the beige color N6900 per square meter. The not so dark color of the Ez fit stone is made to ensure color durability of the product.

Chalk White
Chalk white Ez fit stone

The chalk white ez fit is another color of ez fit stone available for your interior and exterior wall decoration projects. The price of chalk white ez fit stone is N6900 per square meter.

Mixed Color :
Ez fit Stone Mixed Colors

Ez fit stone can be mixed to your individual desired color pattern, thereby achieving various unique color combinations. Here, the black, beige and grey color types of the ez fit stone are used together to achieve this spectacular job.

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