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Bricks and stones for sale in Enugu

Farad contractors Nigeria, we deal in all kinds of bricks and stones anywhere in Nigeria, 0806 287 3386 our Enugu parent warehouse is Located around Emene Enugu state, call us for directions and sales appointment. Are you living in Enugu or environs and searching for where to buy bricks in Enugu, we are here to offer you the very best of our service.

eco bricks and ex fit stone

We have in stock all types of veneer bricks and stones like eco bricks, antique bricks, cobble stones ,vintage stones and ez fit stones. If you need the south African bricks, we will have to waybill that one to you from our Lagos warehouse still at the wholesale price. All our products are of best quality and fits perfectly into your expectations for what you want your building to look like. Our site installers are also available to deliver your installation job anywhere your site is located in Enugu state or its surrounding cities.

cobbles stone

We have one of the most affordable product pricing in the Nigerian stones and bricks industry which makes us the number one run to bricks dealers around the country, our waybill logistics system is also well tailored, hence we waybill our products to bricks and stones buyers all over Nigeria in the best affordable price.

South African Bricks

No matter where you are in Enugu, talk to us at Farad contractors Nigeria for your bricks and stones sales and installation, we are here to make your building stand out with our premium products and services. we have all it takes to serve you beyond expectations.

Ez fit beige color

Ez fit stone available in Enugu location at dealers price, contact us for quotes and prices of different types of bricks and stones in Enugu for your external and internal building wall decorations. If your building site is outside Enugu, we will schedule for a rep closer to your location.

Ledge Stone

The ledge stone sells for N8900 per square meter for all colors and one square meter is exactly two cartons of the stones depending on how it is packed.

Ez fit Stone Chalk White

Chalk white ez fit stone comes as another color of the usual beige brown color of the stone, it is great for builders who wants a different color presentation for the same ez fit stone type. The price is N6900 per square meter.

Castle Rock Stones 

The castle rock stone is also one of the high end stone type for both exterior and interior wall decorations in Nigeria. It comes in 6 colors that you can select according to how your want it. Shown here is the chalk white selection of the stone only. The price is N7400 per square meter.

Ez fit Chalk Color

Ez fit stone chalk white color is one of the best colors of the ez fit stone. The price is currently N6900 per sq meter and it is used for this job which stands out elegantly. The total square meter of this job is about 220 square meters.