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Antique bricks of multi colors on a Nigerian building
Antique Bricks
Antique brick is available for sale at Farad Contractors Nigeria at very good price. Antique bricks is one of the available brick types for both interior and exterior building wall decoration in Nigeria.

Antique bricks comes as seductively rough brick type with its unique antiquity character. You can never go wrong with antique bricks no matter your budget or expectations. It is very Affordable for the average builder and the price is between N6000 to N7000 depending on your location. The 6 colors options of antique bricks offers maximum flexibility as you can play with different colors to achieve varied affects.
Antique bricks

This brick type can be used on both interior and exterior walls of your building and it offers a very unique appeal on the wall due to its rough character and size. We sell and deliver antique bricks anywhere your site is located in Nigeria.You can go through our pictures to see different colors and combinations of antique bricks? Contact Farad Contractors Nigeria today for your free quotes on antique bricks.

Antique brick on interior wall