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Mixed colored south african bricks
Mixed Sa Bricks
Get the best of South African bricks, original colors from any of our warehouses in Nigeria. We sell in cartons at wholesale prices. We can also deliver directly to your site at your cost and convenience. All our bricks are directly from south african fired from one of the best kilns and ovens around Africa.

South african bricks are made from the fry ash technology and they are one of the best bricks available in the Nigerian building industry currently. South african bricks are light density veneer bricks hence they do no add heavy load on your building. The various colors of south african bricks are thoroughly worked into the bricks mixture during production, this ensures that they are very durable with no color change gradient during their lifetime.

The price of our south african bricks is the cheapest in the whole of Nigeria as we import directly from the manufacturers therefore we command great price leadership. A trial will convince you today.Call our number now for quotes and pictures.