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where to buy stone in nigeria, example of a wood stone.

Farad contractors Nigeria, we sell affordable and high quality stones, for building decorations anywhere in Nigeria 0806 287 3386.looking for where to buy stones in Nigeria , this is the right place to check because we have all types of stone for building decoration.

Stones serve as decorative materials for building wall designs, they can also be used as structural materials in building but here we are more concerned about the decorative uses of stones in building wall designs.To be used as a decorative material, stones have to be in flat slim forms to be installed on the wall surfaces, therefore the natural stones are usually sliced into thin thickness while the manufactured stones are produced in thin forms usually 1inch to 1.5 inches thick, these are called veneer stones or stone veneers. where the manufactured stones are usually more affordable in cost than the natural stones.

Buying decorative stones for building designs can be a planned event where the 3D designs of the proposed building initially has the provision for stones on it and eventually actualized by buying and installing the stones or it can be an impulsive action whereby the house has already been built and the building owner then decides to purchase decorative stones and install on his building, either way the decision is always worth it especially if the stones where handled by professional stone cladding company like Farad contractors Nigeria.

In Nigeria, the places to buy affordable decorative stones for building designs tend to be not so pronounced like the places where wall tiles are sold, hence it is usually a bit difficult to find where to buy stones in Nigeria for building decorations, a visit to any of our locations in Nigeria will grant you utmost satisfaction to everything you need about decorative stones for building decorations. We have the finest select of stone type options in offer for your peruse and there is always our stone product that goes with your budget and choice preference.

At Farad contractors Nigeria, we sell and install stones for building decorations anywhere in Nigeria, our sales infrastructure is designed to serve you the client anywhere you are in Nigeria and we are always dedicated to providing the best affordable and high quality stones for your building decorations.

All our prices are slightly a bit above dealers prices because we need to protect the interest of our dealers who buy in bulk daily for the purpose of resale to their respective chosen areas of interest, we have special discount offers on all our stones for individual clients who want to buy in bulk maybe for estate development purposes or for contractual resales. This special discount offer is a way of encouraging bulk purchase form the general population out there who wish to buy from us. This pricing offer is usually at dealer's price.

We are the one stop location to buy stones for in Nigeria for building decorations and we are always here to serve you better at every call. a trial is worth it.